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Caring Hearts Ministry
We are a non-denominational ministry service which accepts all regardless of race, national origin or sexual preferrence. Visit us and see for yourself how we can become a refreshing difference in your life.
Conveniently located in Crystal Lake ~  and proudly serving ~ McHenry County, Kane County, Winnebago County, Lake County, Cook County, DuPage County, Kendall County, Boone County, Ogle County + Lake Geneva and surrounding Wisconsin areas
Rev. Robert D Russell
Caring Hearts Ministry is a non denominational ministry in McHenry County and located in Crystal Lake. We serve the needs of those seeking spiritual as well as non religious officiating services for a host of milestones occurring in people’s lives.  Some of the services provided include: Wedding Ceremonies, Renewals of Vows for Anniversaries, Commitment Ceremonies for couples choosing to extend engagements or as a way to bring more meaning to an Engagement Party group of festivities, Baptisms for children and adults, Quinceaneras for young ladies coming to age in celebration of their 15th birthday, dignified and tender farewells for Memorials and Funeral Services and a host of counseling topics which are affordably offered to bring comfort to those not having insurance. Top Reasons Why People Choose Caring Hearts Ministry~ We are a top rated low cost non denominational wedding minister in McHenry County; providing spiritual, religious and civil oriented services and ceremonies according to our client’s personal tastes, needs and stage of life. From those searching for a minister for a Short and Sweet wedding ceremony to couples wanting a pastor to renew wedding vows, we have lots of choices.  Christians the world over have always embraced the sacraments. Our  minister who performs a home Baptism Ceremony is so well admired for his thoroughness and loving tenderness in conducting complete children’s ceremonial services (often to an extent not even witnessed at some churches) that many families call upon him to baptize their other children born afterwards. One specialty that we hold dear is having a minister who can do a traditional Quinceanera ceremony so that young ladies coming of age can enjoy this special time in their life and learn to look to the Lord for comfort and guidance. This joyous time is a rare treat granted by parents and sponsors that not all girls are permitted to experience and so it is even more of a celebration when it happens. Affordable counseling for people without insurance is another way we reach out to help those in the community so that one’s marriage may stay strong, hard to beat habits like trying to get help to quit smoking fast (McHenry County service) or losing weight quickly may be successfully accomplished and so that those hurting may move forward to a better and improved place of happiness. Helping to Keep Ministry and Pastoral Services Affordable To All Caring Hearts Ministry is committed to helping those in need and a part of the way we do this is to regularly monitor the surrounding community so that we can maintain being among the highest of quality for pastoral services provided and also among the lowest costing non denominational ministers in McHenry County and other areas we serve. When people are looking for an affordable officiant for a wedding ceremony, we want them to rest assured of receiving a highly rated wedding minister to perform a wedding (for example) as well as being the absolute very best for any other event desired. Our dedication to quality means that we want your guests to leave one of our ceremonies totally happy and content for their experience so you look good, they feel good and we can look back satisfied in knowing that the people there were all cared for in the most tender and compassionate way accomplishing the goals you wanted, the vision you saw, the mood inspired and the design you thought of achieving in having the ceremony. Call Today to learn more about how               Caring Hearts Ministry can serve you (815) 793-3325
Whether you wnat to get married quickly at the minister’s home or at a local park… OR.. if you are doing it up bigger at a favorite venue or destination spot, Rev. Bob will create and deliver before you and your friends & family a beautifully intimate ceremony that everyone will thoroughly enjoy and talk fondly about for many, many years to come.
Rev. Bob has married over 700 couples since 2007