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Foundation Caring Hearts Ministry was formed in 1997 by Rev. Dr. Robert D. Russell, MBA, DD, PhD in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The objective of Caring Hearts Ministry is to offer unsurpassed non denominational ministry services to include pastoral counseling and milestone celebratory services (Ex. Weddings, Renewals, Baptisms, Quinceaneras and special rites). As a ministry we are also there in times of grief to bring closure to those who have had a loved one pass through Celebration of Life Memorials and other funerary appropriate services. The Beginning The creation and forming of Caring Hearts Ministry followed what was previously a then long career for Robert Russell writing for dating and singles publications and popular web sites around the country as an article and a Q & A contributor for those asking for personal advice on improving their relationship or in the case of articles, readers enjoyed his monthly feature article written every month on the topics that matter most.  In 2006, Dr. Russell received his Doctorate in Psychology and his Doctorate of Divinity after many years of intense formal and personal training, study and other educational endeavors. Prior to this saw his accomplishment receiving his MBA and other notable certifications. To date, Dr. Russell has schooled himself in healthcare achieving other distinctions including becoming a Certified Wellness Coach from Spencer Institute {a part of The National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association - NESTA}. While Dr. Russell has to his credit many papers and books on relationships - some of which may still be available in print version, he also has three books currently being sold through Ebay, Amazon and other select portals for helping people to be able to succeed in their quest to finally quit smoking cigarettes. ‘Seven Days’ To Becoming Smoke-Free  and Quitting Smoking Has Never Been Soooooooo Easy!!! are two of his more popular books being received by those wanting a workable and quick solution for beating nicotine addiction once and for all. This is also a subject offered by him in private counseling, groups meetings and periodic local seminars.  Dr. Russell also  is currently working on his latest book {sorry, he won’t tell us the name yet} which is due out from his publisher later this year. One might say that our ministry encourages a lifetime of continued learning in facets of both the spiritual journey we each personally choose to take and on subjects of which it is believed can improve one’s quality of life so we may serve better all of those we touch. We are a Community of One Caring Hearts Ministry is all about bringing people together.... Keeping people together.... serving our community as well as helping all those we can reach out to through various ministry efforts. We are your friend in times of joy and of sorrow, here to support you, never turning away and extending our hand to help guide you when you most need us. You will discover that we can be your Light and Spiritual Refuge as you uncover the path that takes you toward the future you want to unfold for yourself. Our light is always on and we will receive you, comfort you and be that place where you get emotional rest from difficulty being experienced along your journey. When others turn you away, we will be there. We Care!! And We Listen!! Our Diversity Statement says how we feel - everyone is unique and we enthusiastically welcome each person who comes to us for help or guidance. It takes the efforts of each person of each age group to make our society flourish. No single person, no single way of envisioning tomorrow and no single methodology will bring us as a community thriving into the future. Only by each of us respecting the next person can we learn, grow and find true happiness as each of us brings something new for us to consider in the search for the glory that awaits. The Non Denominational Doctrine which is practiced  Caring Hearts Ministry is a non denominational ministry which provides a wide array of services. Being ‘non denominational’ gives us a wide latitude to serve those wishing to embrace a multitude of different spiritual methodologies, pursuits, wants and desires... and more importantly, to not only do this privately behind their own closed doors, but also, allowing them to incorporate into celebrations elements from these same personal religious beliefs publicly as is the case (for example) when one is holding a wedding ceremony and wanting to include features from their Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Protestant or other religious footings as well as for those looking for even a civil or non religious assistance by way of counseling services or their milestone (Ex. Baby Naming) celebrations. We have total admiration for embracing your lifestyle and individual ways of learning of spiritualness, the teaching of this by you to your family and your marking of important events in life through rituals and celebration. From religious to non religious, the non denominational culture that we endorse promotes your personal well being first (that you feel nutritionally, emotionally and in all ways capable of living a normal everyday existence), guidance for your pursuits secondly (this being whatever makes you happiest in life contributing in by way of professional career or home care) and finally [thirdly] all the support we can muster for the degree and elements of spirituality that you find acceptable, rewarding, contributing and compatible to your personal views in seeing the world that is both all around us and a part of us. We Accept You + You Accept Us = A Bond We Both Treasure Forever To make your day more meaningful by virtue of including your beliefs into the course of ceremonial presentations is an honor for us because then we know that you trust in us to be a part of who you are and this tells us that we are doing the ministry function correct in serving you and your loved ones. Nothing is more satisfying than to see happy faces and hearing of positive feedback posted on various web sites when individuals and families and their guests have enjoyed themselves when being with a member of Caring Hearts Ministry. {Even the practical joke played on us by a child ensures us that we have successfully reached out and become their friend.... even if we suffer a bruise because of it (Thanks again, 8 year old Little Franky)} While some may find it awkward or whatever they choose to say when not in favor of your way of thinking, our ministry does not and we are up to your challenge for our providing the kind of celebration that you personally envision as being what your dreams are made of to create a perfect day’s event. Talk to us... tell us what you think... we’ll work with you!!! Privacy and Respect For Individuality We have the utmost respect for your privacy. This goes far beyond just the realm of counseling conversation. It extends to your personal preferences for ceremony and celebration, too. You are in charge and that means we favor extending to you the courtesy and respect to decide for yourself what is best to do under unique circumstances and the manner in which you want things done. It is not for us to question your desires to do or not to do.... we are not here to provoke hard feelings between or among conflicting loved ones. We are here to let you steer your own ship in the direction you want and to encourage your leadership and decisions.  In this fashion, respecting your privacy means that your viewpoints are never belittled or challenged and especially not put up for public debate, ridicule, discussion or as a way to promote our ego; but instead, you are applauded and cheered. Your thoughts expressed to us are private and remain undisclosed to anyone unless you choose to allow others into the topic. We respect your individuality as this is what make each of us great. You deserve that type of personal treatment by your minister for your complete assurance and trust in our ability to help you for any and all reasons. We are Adaptable!! And We are Flexible!! The Correct Amount of the Right Ingredients We create services that are the perfect blending of traditional values and contemporary ways of relating to people of all generations present. There is no such thing as a generation gap with us. We look to ensure that everyone from the youngest of children to our most senior guests and visitors find us welcoming and compassionate in all we do. Maybe this is why more and more people call on Caring Hearts Ministry and keep coming back to us later as needs arise as well as why their families and friends choose to invite us into their lives as well for special events or other services. In our books, everyone is great and no one should be left out [figuratively speaking, we are the people who will jump to our feet and joyfully proclaim, “Alright , Don’t just sit there. Let’s everyone dance!”] When you choose Caring Hearts Ministry~ We don’t just talk about embracing diversity, you see it in everything we do throughout the community. You can be assured of our providing an unparalleled dedication to your needs - we want you completely satisfied. We support your individual preferences, tastes and choices (ours is not to change your mind but to enhance or improve if desirable. You can feel confident that we will do our utmost to do things right because doing anything less is never good enough. You become a part of our extended family  - meaning that we always welcome you back however long you stay away We’ll always be here serving in what ways we can or referring you to a better solution having your interests coming first We are never judgmental... you are perfectly okay just the way you are (we’re not here to cast stones or opinions) We’ re Fun and Alive in spirit - not borrrrrrrring or stuffffffffy - instead pursuing and making the most out of life. Our Aim - Our Goals  (1)   To teach those wanting to learn from our vast treasure trove of experiences and research (2)   To help bring awareness to those exploring their world to better solutions and ways of living (3)   To deliver meaningfulness to those enriching their families with spiritual or other rituals and celebrations The above we hold as our aim and our goals while at the same time giving all we touch a refreshing tingling feeling of complete satisfaction.  In Summary Working with us is like taking in a breath of fresh air. We are spiritually balanced in all that we do. You can trust in us NOT to attempt to sway your personal spiritual viewpoints and yet we remain always available to discuss your interests in these and other areas. Our ceremonies are Friendly, Fun & Humorous (when appropriate), Serious & Dignified (when appropriate)  and above all, Very Affordable.
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Caring Hearts Ministry
Conveniently located in Crystal Lake ~  and proudly serving ~ McHenry County, Kane County, Winnebago County, Lake County, Cook County, DuPage County, Kendall County, Boone County, Ogle County + Lake Geneva and surrounding Wisconsin areas
Whether you wnat to get married quickly at the minister’s home or at a local park… OR.. if you are doing it up bigger at a favorite venue or destination spot, Rev. Bob will create and deliver before you and your friends & family a beautifully intimate ceremony that everyone will thoroughly enjoy and talk fondly about for many, many years to come.
Rev. Bob has married over 700 couples since 2007  
We are a non-denominational ministry service which accepts all regardless of race, national origin or sexual preferrence. Visit us and see for yourself how we can become a refreshing difference in your life.
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