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Contact Rev. Robert Russell Want to know: How To Contact Rev. Robert Russell {Rev. Bob Russell} or... as most people refer to him as ... simply... “Reverend Bob” The Caring Hearts Ministry Telephone Number is ~  (815) 793-3325  ~ Office Hours: Every day, Monday - Sunday, 8am - 10pm (including holidays) EMERGENCIES: Please Note - Rev. Robert Russell is available 24 hours a day Caring Hearts Ministry is a Crystal Lake, Illinois business organization Caring Hearts Ministry is located in McHenry County * Want   to   reach   out   and   ask   a   question.   You   can   contact   Caring Hearts   Ministry   simply   by   submitting   your   question   in   our convenient submission portal to the right for a prompt reply. ************************************************* Find Rev. Robert Russell You can Find Rev. Robert Russell by reaching out to him at: Caring Hearts Ministry Find Caring Hearts Ministry You can Find Caring Hearts Ministry at 1068 Butler Drive, Crystal Lake, IL 60014 Office Appointments Are Required to ensure prompt service We   all   love   surprises   but   few   of   us   like   disappointments.     In   this   light,   Rev.   Robert   Russell   loves   when   people   want   to come    over    to    see    him    to    chat    about    upcoming    weddings, baptisms   or   when   they   need   him   for   more   urgent   matters   like the   spiritual   care   of   a   love   one   who   is   hospitalized   or   for family   members   trying   to   move   on   after   the   loss   of   someone special   to   them.   He   does   not   want   to   disappoint   those   reaching out   to   him   by   not   being   available   due   to   some   other   matter that   is   presently   taking   his   time   either   at   his   office   or   should he   be   away   somewhere   else.   Having   a   very   busy   schedule   and yet   also   desiring   to   be   there   for   you,   he   asks   that   you   make   an appointment   for   when   wanting   to   talk   to   him   in   person   at   his office   to   ensure   that   you   see   him   without   delay,   as   quickly   as can   be   arranged   and   to   allow   sufficient   time   to   spend   together in discussing your immediate needs or event planning.     Caring Harts is now Caring Hearts Ministry Hey,   Have   you   noticed   something   that   we   think   is   really   , really,   really, GREAT? Want   us   to   tell   you   the   BIG   secret.....   well,   it’s   not   really   a secret....   in   fact,   we   have   been   working   on   it   for   some   time.   [I think   we   gave   it   away   already   in   the   title   but   we’ll   pretend that   you   don’t   know   what   is   about   to   be   said...   okay?]   The secret,    surprise,    news    or    whatever    you    want    to    call    it is................   We   changed   our   name....   but   only   slightly.   That’s right...   we   changed   our   name   from   the   old   ‘Caring   Harts’   to the   more   easier   to   remember   and   pleasing.....   Caring   Hearts Ministry   {We   felt   it   was   about   time   so   people   wouldn’t   get confused   trying   to   find   us.}   So,   if   you   are   looking   for   Caring Harts, that’s us but under our new name. To    make    sure    that    we    don’t    get    confused    with    a    trucking company,   a   major   airlines   or   a   new   toy   being   introduced   for Christmas   or   for   any   other   reason   that   there   could   possibly   be in   this   HUGE   world   we   all   live   in,   the   web   site   has   been   also officially        changed        from         to    .   We,   of   course,   just feel   like   it   sounds   a   whole   lot   better.....   AND,   we   hope   you agree    !!!    [Not    to    mention    that    we    also    don’t    want    to    be confused    with    any    other    Caring    Hearts    Ministry    parish    or facility located in any other state or country of the world.] For All Of Your Spiritual and Non Denominational Needs, Call Rev. Robert Russell at (815) 793-3325
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Caring Hearts Ministry
Conveniently located in Crystal Lake ~  and proudly serving ~ McHenry County, Kane County, Winnebago County, Lake County, Cook County, DuPage County, Kendall County, Boone County, Ogle County + Lake Geneva and surrounding Wisconsin areas
Whether you wnat to get married quickly at the minister’s home or at a local park… OR.. if you are doing it up bigger at a favorite venue or destination spot, Rev. Bob will create and deliver before you and your friends & family a beautifully intimate ceremony that everyone will thoroughly enjoy and talk fondly about for many, many years to come.
Rev. Bob has married over 700 couples since 2007  
We are a non-denominational ministry service which accepts all regardless of race, national origin or sexual preferrence. Visit us and see for yourself how we can become a refreshing difference in your life.
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Rev. Robert D Russell