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Getting Married at the Minister’s Home .... there were footsteps heard outside and this is what was said~ Couple: Knock - Knock. Minister: Who’s There? Couple: We want to get married! Minister: Come on in. In tiny towns across the world for decades and decades, the above took place over and over as couples of all ages knocked on the door to that person whom they knew could perform a wedding right away- especially if they want an elopement wedding ceremonies in McHenry County. Couples find the fastest solutions for many things in life and this is definitely one of them. While some states may still have the local Justice of the Peace who does ceremonies, Illinois no longer has this choice and so many look for the minister of their faith or a non denominational minister (such as us) to perform a short and sweet wedding ceremony in McHenry County (for example) right in the home of the minister. Time to put down the hammer and pick up the... {Bible} Ministers have many duties from calling on the sick at hospitals or at their homes to organizing charities, fund raising drives and events. In some cases he (Rev. Bob Russell) might actually be home if you were to stop in to see him saying, “Hey, We want to be married!!!” In this case, if he is working on fixing a fence, repairing a this or a that, he’ll need to put down his hammer and pick up his Bible to conduct your wedding ceremony - and, that’s alright! He is perfectly fine when couples find him after having spent some time looking around for someone to do a last minute wedding ceremony.  We do recommend, however, that you call first so that we can agree on a time when we know that the minister will be home and can get everything set up for you to do your wedding. We take a bit more time in getting ready than simply doing it in our work clothes from cleaning up the garage or painting the trim. We want this to be special for you and we want to give you a better than ordinary experience. We prepare a special mini- altar table, it is draped in white cloth with gold and on it we have such items as the Bible, our centerpiece, the Christian cross (for those of this religion for example), Holy Water for ring blessings and other features which make for a joyous and memorable time with us. Giving us even the slightest time (YOU CAN STILL CALL US FOR SAME DAY WEDDING CEREMONY SERVICE) to get ready for you is very appreciated  - of course we realize that you may find us and want that ceremony soon after the initial call. We’ll do our very best to help you to be married as quickly as you desire since you are looking for exactly that - a non denominational minister for a quick wedding ceremony.  If it is urgent for you, we’ll make it urgent for us to be there for you with little or no delay!!   Some want a Civil Wedding Service There are a good number of couples who come to us and attest to being atheist, non religious, etc. and declare that they want to be married but without any religion being put into the service. The question usually takes the form of, “We’re not religious at all. Are you ok with not having any mentioning of God, Jesus and no prayers either?” The answer is YES. Essentially, these are couples who simply have been trying to find a place in the chicagoland area that does a Civil Wedding Elopement Ceremony. Again, the answer is YES, YES, YES. We are not stuck on having to present religion to anyone not wanting it but who are in need of our assistance in the form of a wedding service that we provide. We frequently perform wedding ceremonies where there is no mentioning of God or anything religious. Even setting up to perform a wedding is done so to be more festive and not containing any trace of religion. The minister can conduct the nuptials simply in a traditional business suit so there is no clergy symbolism to offend either or both partners. Our goal is to make the experience good for you as you start off as husband and wife (or married partners) however you wish to refer to yourselves as once the wedding is official. This is a topic we quickly address when scheduling your ceremony so you do not arrive and meet us in an unsatisfying way. The ceremony itself is just as beautiful to the ear to hear for couples and witnesses, alike. We know you’re like paying us a visit to ‘tie the knot’. Others prefer a bit of religion For the couples who do embrace religion, this too becomes a point of easy negotiation as there are couples who strongly believe in one religion, those where each partner is firm in their own religion and then there are the couples where they are spiritual in thought but do not lean in any particular doctrine’s direction too much. This is where being a non denominational minister and ministry helps a great deal. Frequently the phone rings from someone in DeKalb County, Boone County, Ogle County, Winnebago County, Lake County and other places and we hear something that sounds like, “We are calling because we want a minister who can do an elopement wedding ceremony in Kane County but we’ll come to you because we just want something fast, we’re going to get the license sometime this week in McHenry County if that’s what we are supposed to do in order to come and see you.” Yes, that is what you would need is a marriage license from McHenry County for us to marry you within McHenry County.  Also note: We can incorporate both of your religions into the service or neither at all. We can also temper the religiousness of the ceremony so it is more spiritual with only a slight humanistic prayer which mentions God briefly without there being a feeling that the ministry is trying to sway people to think in one way or another. We are not here to try to change your way of thinking. You come to us for a quick wedding and that is what we try to do - give you a wedding that covers the essentials, throws in some nice features and this includes from what religion you prefer (if any) so at the end, you love the fact that you decided to come to us. The Court House is no place for memories to begin The local Court House brings memories of going to traffic court to fight a parking ticket, being summoned in for jury duty, perhaps for some - being arrested on any number of charges. And... there are of course the various administration departments that handle matters of the county including the issuance of a marriage license to permit marriages to be legalized per the laws of the state and county government. Why then would you want to get married in such an impersonal almost dry, boring or ‘matter of fact’ way? The answer for many is that unfortunately, they don’t know that there are other options which they could choose. I can practically guarantee you that the court house is most likely going to be the cheapest priced wedding ceremony ..... and for those who only can spend the ten or twenty dollar or more cost, then this is their best choice. For so many others, spending just a little bit (under a hundred dollars) gets you  a wedding day experience which will be beautiful, eventful.... AND... you can bring some close friends or family along with, have some pictures taken before, during and after the wedding ceremony AND, AND, AND you’ll enjoy a mini service which will be a nice memory when you look back years later. You’ll never, ever, ever forget your wedding day (guys, you are not allowed to forget your wedding day so if you tend to be forgetful, take good notes, copy it so you never lose the highlights and in this way, you won’t get in trouble). In 5, 10 or 35 years, you’ll remember the feeling you had on your wedding day so make it a great one instead of settling for a court room judge on duty.  Available Practically around the clock We often joke that we never sleep at Caring Hearts Ministry and I suppose one could say that it is pretty much the truth since we get so busy in many facets of life. This said, yes - you could ask us to marry the two of you anytime - day or night, holiday, weekend, when the moment is perfect. We have done weddings at sunset and sunrise and lots of odd times in between. If it is your dream to be married at a certain time of the day (at the stroke of midnight) or the time of 4:12 am when your child was first born or whatever suits you, just ask us and we will do all possible to meet your needs. Appointments are recommended to make sure he is there  Unlike some organizations who may prefer to have ‘Wedding Hours’ and instruct couples to show up only during these hours if they want to get married, we have the flexibility to give you the choice of when you want to marry. Our only stipulation is that we are actually available to do the wedding. With this said, we recommend that you call first to set the date and time to ensure that the minister is going to be here for the service. We wouldn’t want you to be sitting around waiting for him to come back from some other assignment. The Minister’s Home is Great For where to get married {Here are 12 reasons } + For people who say they are very shy or nervous and prefer not to have onlookers + Expectant brides who want a quiet ceremony without possible criticism + Expectant women who are due any time and do not want a stressful wedding planning or long celebration experience or a child arriving during a wedding reception +For older couples wanting an informal quiet wedding (so they can go out to dinner to celebrate or privately celebrate at a hotel [or even fly off on a trip to some nice destination]) +For those not wanting an expensive ceremony (this eliminates the big church wedding) +For couples who are too busy to plan a more elaborate service +As a last minute decision (ex. Person in the military who is being relocated onto Active Duty and shipping out soon leaving his / her partner and so wants to be wed) +Prior to an important operation that may be life threatening (to express deep love) +To make the marital commitment without the ceremonial cost +For a desire to legalize one partner into the country out of deportation fears they marry soon and plan a bigger wedding later when money frees up  +Those not wanting parental interference that would be expected if the plan to wed were known (different cultural backgrounds, couples of different races, different religions that are distinct, couple having any kind of family dynamics that the other side does not like) +Prior to or during a college career where marriage now is desired over an expensive wedding that is not affordable at the present time +Honoring a last wish of a partner who wants to be wed before passing away Each couple who come to us requesting that we perform a wedding ceremony either right away or that they called a day or two ago come to us having their own very special reason for being there and for wanting this sort of a wedding ceremony. It is by far the most intimate of all weddings because it is typically just the two of them and maybe a young child, very close friend, surviving parent(s) and as such, there is a quaintness that cannot be gotten when a large group is watching. This is why we love having couples approach us to marry them in the privacy of our home, in front of our fireplace or out on the back lawn under trees or near the water fountain. The Wrap Up There are times when couples do not want to wait any longer than necessary for getting married once they have it decided to move forward. The reasons are as many as there are couples. Since the earliest beginnings when marriages became formalized in villages, couples have sought out the local person who was and has been authorized to ‘make it official’ in the eyes of the community by conducting a wedding ceremony in the office or person’s home. When people in our area are seeking a non denominational minister for a quick wedding ceremony or a minister who can do an elopement wedding ceremony in (or near) Kane County, they call upon us at Caring Hearts Ministry to do the job of marrying them fast so they can move on. We respond quickly often putting down something else we are doing and picking up a Bible if someone is looking for someone to do a last minute wedding ceremony in [for example] the minister’s home. We are available for elopement wedding ceremonies in McHenry County virtually around the clock but we do ask that you call ahead to make sure the minister is home and can do the service. If you can give us a 24 hour notice, that would be great but we don’t want to turn you away for needing it sooner so call and check to see if it is alright to come on over for your wedding ceremony. By the way, we understand that people come from all walks of life and this includes the degree of religious or spirituality they personally find value in so let us know if you want simply to find a place in the chicagoland area that does a Civil Wedding Elopement Ceremony or if a touch of religion is okay with you both. We do not, as non denominational ministers, demand that you endorse or support any particular religious beliefs or any for that matter. We do religious and civil ceremonies - the choice is yours to make.. We are just happy doing our part to help the both of you to take that next step in the building and improving of your relationship.   ******** Affordable Non Denominational Minister or Officiant For Your Chicagoland or Wisconsin Wedding Ceremony: We serve couples getting married at much more than just at the minister’s home or even hotels in the area. In case you are considering looking into something different, take a look>>>> Searching for an officiant or a non denominational minister to perform a wedding at a Restaurant, Banquet Hall, Hotel, Club, Park District Building, Resident’s Recreation Center, American Legion, VFW, Elks Club or other fine and distinctive venue, take a peak at other areas of our web site and you’ll soon see that we have performed weddings at all sorts of places. We go where you need us to be so that your wedding day is filled with the greatest memories possible! Looking for Chicago’s top choice: hotel, restaurant, banquet hall wedding officiant then look no further than Caring Hearts Ministry to provide the kind of service people dream of stumbling upon for their wedding day. Lots of good surprises, humor, a thorough ceremony that is stress free and filled with moments of tenderness, spirituality (when desired and appropriate) and having all the memories you are hoping to have for your wonderful day of getting married. Ceremonies vary in lengths and features based on couple’s special interests for customizing and personalizing the ceremony part of the wedding day.
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