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Military Wedding  Duty - Honor - Marriage: The Honor Guard Tradition Since the earliest of recorded days, stretching back hundreds if not thousands of years in the past, those around the world spanning every country and who have chosen a military life for themselves have taken pride in defending their homeland and many have paid the ultimate price for doing so. For these special people - both men and women - they know what duty means. They are serious minded people because their role in life is serious. They are always in ready mode. For these individuals, Honor represents the sheer unwillingness to step aside in the face of adversity. Marriage too is unique as partners know the fundamental rule: When called upon, they must go because this is who they are - standing tall to defend those of us who can’t defend ourselves from those whom might try to harm us. The Honor Guard tradition and especially the Arching of Sabers as is performed in weddings in and of itself pays honor to each member of the military and their respective spouse who walks underneath by signifying a pledge of loyalty from the military to the couple. Rev. Bob Russell is also proud of his role in marrying many military couples and is considered by many as the military wedding officiant Great Lakes Naval Academy as well as being considered by those looking for   military couple seeking low cost wedding officiant. An Engagement of Love and Military Life Military couples are a regimented type of couple unlike those who can be termed civilians. For the military couple, duty to country and command are always there - much like what we experience when we marry police officers, fireman and ambulance EMT personnel. Your love is strong and so is your sense of commitment to those in the community that you serve as well. Rank often determines how elaborate a wedding can be and we want those on any type of budget to know that we will work with you to make your dream wedding happen. When you begin looking  for an affordable military wedding ceremony officiant, you’ll discover that we at Caring Hearts Ministry are always ready to serve you just as you are always ready to serve us. Experience Serving All Branches At Caring Hearts Ministry, we have been honored to conduct wedding ceremonies for virtually all branches of the military who personnel are in this are: Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines. Many have elected to wear their uniforms during ceremonies and we think this is great but we also understand when a bride wants to be in a traditional wedding dress or a groom wants to be in a tuxedo or suit instead and not have the military presence there during the wedding day. This is your choice. Think of us as your FLEXIBLE minister for military wedding chiagoland area no matter where you want to hold the wedding. Wedding Ceremonies For New Graduates at Great Lakes Naval Academy Rev. Bob Russell has performed a great many wedding services at Great Lakes Naval Academy including at the Blue Jackets chapel (across from the parade ground) and at Nunn Beach (we recently had a ceremony there for a couple and the parents on the eve of the graduation ceremony). We welcome any opportunity to get help a couple to get married by Great Lakes Naval or to come on base [we understand that there has to be prior approval and an escort in the car who has valid military ID] for providing a sweet intimate ceremony for just the two of you at a place you enjoy or even in the surrounding area. If you are not sure about the procedures, ask your base chaplain or contact us for Great Lakes Naval Station wedding ceremony information. Let us help you! We’ll prove to you that we are highly experienced in doing weddings for military personnel right for those not wishing to have the chaplain perform the ceremony. We are your military wedding officiant lake county, il experts here to help create the perfect wedding day from start to finish. Including Military Tradition Into Your Service The Arch of the Swords is a tradition that is carried out frequently at our services. It is not just for officers as we have viewed the tradion for those under the rank of officer. One needs only to have two people in dress uniform qualified to render this service for you. Any other custom or tradion that you prefer which embraces your active or retired role in the military is perfectly acceptable to our ministry. Simply let us know how to incorporate into the serve what you want to do and we will be happy to make you happy. Fantastic Features You Can Expect to.... All military weddings carry with them the distinction of being performed for a military enlisted service person. The United States flag is present on our decorative Altar table or side ceremonial table as well as the state flag , if available. The Pledge of Allegiance if offered as an option together with any other military duties the couple wish exercised. The Arch of Sabers or sword can be performed comprised of 6 - 8 service members. According to custom, as the couple walk under the sabers and at the time of reaching the end, the last two sabers are crossed to prevent temporary exit and during this time the non military bride receives a tap on the backside from the dull end of the sword to signify welcoming her into the military family. Today, we find that the arching is done by selected personnel trained and designated for civilian duties in their jurisdiction. For outdoor ceremonies, rifles may be used to replace swords. If the groom has a saber by his side, then the bride stands positioned on the right side of him instead of the traditional left position. When conducting the military wedding {for example: when a couple sought a military wedding officiant Great Lakes Naval Academy}, many features center around the type of ceremony being performed with the inclusion of military customs and our special adding in of that which we can do for making it extra special and meaningful as a couple and as a military couple, especially. Each ceremony has a heart-felt welcoming to all and praise for the military branches that serve to protect us. We continue with an Opening Prayer and then Presentation of Bride, followed by talking about military and married life as one cohesive union. Next, we proceed into a scripture if desired that speaks of ‘The Peacekeepers’ from the Book of Matthew. From here, the minister proceed into the vows and each partners reasons for the wedding decision, this to be followed by the ring ceremony (the Groom and Best Man are not expected to be in white gloves due to the need to be handling rings), a special Blessing of the Couple, Pronouncement of the Marriage and a Conclusion Statement to guest thanking members of the military. The ceremony wraps up with the signing of the county license for the minister to return it to the county court appointed location for registering the marriage, the issuance of a distinctive keepsake certificate and some other nice finishing touches.  Wrap Up When deciding to marry and you are stationed at Great Lakes Naval Station, please look to us for Great Lakes Naval Station wedding ceremony information if you are unable to source it out yourself at the base (we can’t speak for them but we can offer our insight and point you in the right direction). We would love to help you get it all sorted out. Unlike other wedding officiants who charge the same price regardless of how many people show up to the ceremony we have multiple options and are considered locally as being an affordable military wedding ceremony officiant. There are lots of couple who want to get married by Great Lakes Naval but we also know that the whole of chicagoland offers many spots that would be ideal for couples needing ceremony areas of various sizes according to the amount of people anticipated to show up for their day. Having performed nearly 1000 weddings for more than a decade in addition to Quinceaneras, funerals and other services, we have been to a great many locations and are familiar with how they work so kindly regard us as for not only when you are seeking a  military wedding officiant lake county, il but also as a top rated minister for military wedding chiagoland area. No matter whether your wedding plans are simple or elaborate, depend on us to help you save money too - calling us will prove this to you quickly and you’ll see why more and more military couple seeking low cost wedding officiant ask us to perform their wedding. High Quality Wedding + Low Cost= Win Win for you {and we’re happy to do it} Offering our Thanks to you with a special Caring Hearts Ministry Military Discount: 25% OFF Regular Prices  Call Today to learn more and to schedule your military wedding ceremony (815) 793-3325
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