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When getting married quickly, privately, intimately and legally is what you want...   Caring Hearts Ministry offers the much endeared solution instead of settling for getting married at the McHenry County court house and standing in line for a judge on duty   ‘On The Go’ Elopement Wedding Ceremony package For Generations An Ideal Solution For Getting Married Fast  Couples around the world and for generations have begun their fairytale of love and marriage by going somewhere that was known in town (like the Justice of the Peace) to get married when they decided suddenly ‘not to wait any longer’. Although Illinois no longer has what was known as Justice of the Peace for getting married, one can still find an elopement minister McHenry County, il to handle the essential duties required to conduct a legal wedding ceremony. You don’t need to feel like your only choice is to get married at the McHenry County Court House. Designed For Couples in Love Not Willing To Wait Couples knew and still know when a loving bond is better and unlike any other relationship of their past and because of this they aren’t willing to wait for more time to tick by for the ‘so called’ right time - now is the right time! Nor do they want to plan for some big wedding bash months or years later when enough money is saved. There are too many other higher priories for the money they earn. For these people, they have always been practical about life and about love. The best answer is to get a elopement minister McHenry County, IL to do the wedding for you if you live in or around McHenry County. {McHenry County issued license Required} The Perfect Kind of Wedding Ceremony Meeting Their Needs For couples of today, they seek this solution because they want to be legally married, they want a very intimate ceremony that they will cherish each moment of the service for years and years, they want is private (usually only themselves, perhaps with children who they have or with the very, very closest of family or friends at their side as witnesses and perhaps most importantly..... they want to be married now, not next month or later still... they want to be married right away because their love is too strong to wait a moment longer than necessary. Endearing Features you’ll LOVE about the ‘On The Go’ Wedding Ceremony package Couples wanting a fast wedding ceremony will appreciate the 7 - 10 minute long service conducted right in the minister’s home. The format is entirely assembled so you need not worry about rehearsing anything or even selecting vows. Partial Listing of ceremony section topics included:  Welcoming Words, Opening Prayer (for religious service), Statement on Love and Marriage, Recital of Vows, Ring Exchange, Blessing, Pronouncement of Husband and Wife. Each section will be intimately spoken and tender making this a day worth remembering.  With Caring Hearts Ministry, you get more than an out of date justice of the peace for getting married. Our minister can structure the service as a Civil or Religious ceremony. A beautiful ceremonial table is used of various styles according to a pre-ceremony brief phone consultation to explore what will be the nicest version for you as a couple coming in for your wedding service. You are never treated like just another one in line looking to get hitched fast. This is truly an affordable elopement packages mchenry il and a time you’ll love that you had chosen. If you don’t bring a long a bouquet of flowers, we will provide a courtesy bouquet for bride to hold. If no one is showing up with you, that’s okay! We’ll be the photographer taking some great pictures also that we’ll send along via email to you so you have a lasting memory. This is all part of our elopement package McHenry County il .... and since you’ll be bringing along the McHenry County Marriage Licence, the minister will complete the license to mail back for the county recording it into their systems to register the marriage and complete the keepsake certificate that is attached. There are even more goodies, too that we know you will absolutely love for your   elopement package McHenry County il. Okay, Okay, Okay.... But What Is the Cost For The Ceremony???? This might be considered the best part of our service to you. When we say that we’re offering an affordable elopement packages mchenry il , we mean exactly that because we want to be of service to you without the cost becoming a burden AND..... we want to be your better alternative than settling for thinking about get married at mchenry county court house. Fee For Elopement Ceremony: $75   {Yes, You read that right!!!} Call to Reserve your date and time at our office. Of Course, Major Credit Cards Are Accepted. To learn more about why Rev. Bob Russell is the perfect choice affordable non denominational wedding minister   Call Anytime (815) 793-3325 and discover for yourself how wonderful your wedding or other event can become... with Caring Hearts Ministry turning your dream and vision into reality !!!
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Caring Hearts Ministry
Conveniently located in Crystal Lake ~  and proudly serving ~ McHenry County, Kane County, Winnebago County, Lake County, Cook County, DuPage County, Kendall County, Boone County, Ogle County + Lake Geneva and surrounding Wisconsin areas
Whether you wnat to get married quickly at the minister’s home or at a local park… OR.. if you are doing it up bigger at a favorite venue or destination spot, Rev. Bob will create and deliver before you and your friends & family a beautifully intimate ceremony that everyone will thoroughly enjoy and talk fondly about for many, many years to come.
Rev. Bob has married over 700 couples since 2007  
We are a non-denominational ministry service which accepts all regardless of race, national origin or sexual preferrence. Visit us and see for yourself how we can become a refreshing difference in your life.
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