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When you are planning on inviting a bunch of people for that Back Yard BBQ, Holiday Gathering, Dinner at a Local Restaurant ....                        AND..... What they may NOT know is - - - -   SURPRISE     They are going to see you getting married, too !!!! ‘Beautiful Beginnings’ Wedding Ceremony package You have been talking about getting married for a while now, didn’t like the idea of getting married at the McHenry County Court house and so elected on having an intimate group of a few people to see you get married....... and then IT happened! Yes, you told someone who told someone and that person told someone else until all of a sudden, the five or ten people who were going to be there grew in size because friends have said, “Hey, I want to be at your wedding- and I don’t care where I have to go to get there.” You couldn’t say ‘no’ and so now you are looking for a suitable place for 15 to maybe upward to 35 to even 45 people who are going to be there for showing their support. You’re not alone! That’s how these things work as your loved ones catch a whiff of your news through someone else. Now, the job is to figure out how to pull it all off on the kind of budget you ORIGINALLY had in mind. We have the answer in this ceremony. Romantic, Tender and yet... ‘A Teeny Bit’ Shorter than other ceremonies You don’t want to lose the intimacy, the personalness or the quaintness of what you originally wanted in a ceremony and you will still have that with Caring Hearts Ministry. The ceremony will be on the shorter more intimate side and the words spoken softly and tenderly to you both to keep that romantic feeling alive - these will be your memories (along with the fact that a bunch more people wanted to be there to cheer you on, show their love and support to be a part of this wonderful time in your lives).  We carefully select just the right ceremonial words for each step along the way to that eventual pronouncement of marriage so you are surrounded by nothing but love emotionally and spiritually. Some consider this especially appealing if they are looking for a wedding minister tight budget mchenry county or even couples trying to find a  low cost wedding minister Ogle County. The affordableness of this ceremony makes it a it ideal for those wanting to splurge more on where the wedding is to be and the reception to follow. Perfect for Smaller Groups at Nice Venues or at Home.... BBQ Anyone? Often, we find couples who call on us saying that this is their 2nd or 3rd marriage and they are planning on having children from prior marriages, perhaps a few surviving parents and a small select group of friends from their jobs, sport teams, circle of friendship, etc and so are planning on having a wedding at a local favorite restaurant, tavern, hotel function room or even at home. Because they are not looking toward having a bigger ceremony like what they may have already had once in their lives (and instead prefer something that parallels getting married on a shoestring budget Lake County), this one is to be special due to the quaintness of who is there. These tend to be highly personal as these are the closest of acquaintances. Our goal is to maintain that quaintness in the way we interact with everyone there. Ours is more than a presentation - it is a unifying of everyone since everyone who will be there plays such an important part in your life.  The Right Choice For Civil Ceremonies For individuals who are neither non denominational or religious in any other way ... or due to each partner coming from divergent religious backgrounds and prefer NOT to have either religion brought into the ceremony, we conduct civil ceremonies where no religious overtones are there. This means, No Prayers, No Blessings, No Scriptures read, No mentioning of God or Jesus. We ARE perfectly OKAY with this as your being choice. Our goal is to maintain your intimate atmosphere however you wish to create it - with or without religion playing a role in your day. [Some have remarked that this type of ceremony is great when looking for a minister for tight budget Rockford wedding.] In this case, you have the option to include something else that is more meaningful (ex. The inclusion of something involving your friends or family or children) that in and of itself will be the highlight of the ceremony. Another option is to simply by omission have a little bit shorter service ceremony. In either case, we want the day to be the way you wanted it to be.... we’ll just have a few more people there..... what can I say - They Love You. You’re going to have to accept the fact that so many people who know you Do Care For You!!!  A Presentation that Inspires But Doesn’t Preach When words are spoken during your service, there is a natural tendency to wonder what is about to be said. This carries both a joyful anticipation and perhaps a little uneasiness, too. After all, you have your loved ones there and you don’t want them insulted, talked down to or kept captive while someone preaches to them about how to live their life. At Caring Hearts, please rest assured that we NEVER do any of the above. We respect you, your families and your friends and so we keep the event joyful and pleasant knowing all present are spectators, witnesses to your marriage and there to, above all else, support you. We like to be inspiring and sprinkled with a bit of fun at the right moments to keep that feeling great. A lot of families have regarded this as a great choice when trying to find a Boone County wedding officiant low cost because it offers so much for the price without going over the top in the realm of being too religious. We don’t believe in taking advance of an audience to cram down their throat a viewpoint on religion - that never becomes a part of our service to you. We are there strictly to have a nice wedding with all of you. It should be tenderly uplifting with a dose of humility on our part to respect that you have asked us to be a part of your day.    Festive Features of the ‘Beautiful Beginnings’ Wedding Ceremony package *   Minister come attired in Clergy suit, tab shirt and stole or business suit depending on your preference *   Minister will be there at the ceremony location 25 - 30 minutes ahead of the set ceremony time to interact with guests before everything gets started *  Minster will be meeting with you both to ensure everything is ready, get last minute updates and for you to decide when all are there for starting the wedding *   After a delightful greeting to guests, we move to a foundation toned address about marriage followed by the recital of vows, the ring exchange, a spiritual blessing (may be omitted for civil ceremonies), that long awaited best part... the pronouncement of husband and wife, and then we gather together with a couple of witnesses to fill out and complete the marriage license so we can process it back to the county office in charge of registering the marriage *   There will be a nice keepsake certificate given by the minister together with any issued by the county *   You’ll wrap up the ceremony with a formal picture of yourselves and the minister (if you want this, of course )  Ideal for couples having 15 - 35 (or fewer) guests in attendance Duration of Ceremony: 12 - 14 minutes in length Caring Hearts Ministry: ‘Beautiful Beginnings’ Wedding Ceremony package Fee: $235 The Wrap Up While once couples getting married thought that going to the court house for a quick marriage was the only way when (for example) you were seeking a Boone County wedding officiant low cost or even a low cost wedding minister Ogle County, more and more people are realizing that they can maintain an intimate wedding at home or at a small restaurant or other venue with the help of Caring Hearts Ministry coming in to provide a romantic ceremony that is tasteful, fun and one that will be positively memorable. When searching for a solution brought on by needing an  answer for getting married on a shoestring budget Lake County, this type of ceremony never disappoints - instead, it always saves the day. You don’t have to feel pressured into going to a court house for a judge to marry you in some back office or other designated spot ..... or feel that weddings are always high priced ordeals to think about or begin planning for months from now after you managed to save up thousands of dollars. Do this NOW!! Have the nice location, feel good about inviting more than you first anticipated when contemplating a wedding minister tight budget mchenry county, searching for a wedding minister for tight budget Rockford wedding or in any of the other many counties we proudly serve. To learn more about why Rev. Bob Russell is the perfect choice affordable non denominational wedding minister   Call Anytime (815) 793-3325 and discover for yourself how wonderful your wedding or other event can become... with Caring Hearts Ministry turning your dream and vision into reality !!!
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Whether you wnat to get married quickly at the minister’s home or at a local park… OR.. if you are doing it up bigger at a favorite venue or destination spot, Rev. Bob will create and deliver before you and your friends & family a beautifully intimate ceremony that everyone will thoroughly enjoy and talk fondly about for many, many years to come.
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We are a non-denominational ministry service which accepts all regardless of race, national origin or sexual preferrence. Visit us and see for yourself how we can become a refreshing difference in your life.
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