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Renewing One’s Wedding Vows.... Is a terrific way to say….. ‘I Love You’ Got an Upcoming Anniversary?????? ‘Forever in Love’ Renewal of Vows Ceremony package Walking into this golf course banquet room seemed very familiar. It was a group of individuals of various ages although most were in their senior years. It was to be a 50th Wedding Anniversary party. We’ve all been to these held in restaurants, hotel function rooms or at someone’s home. But this was to be slightly different from others........ Rev. Bob Russell of Caring Hearts Ministry was there along with {are you ready} the original Best Man and Maid of Honor. Only the husband and daughter knew all the details because this was not just any anniversary party..... we were there for a surprise for the husband’s wife. He bent down on one knee and proposed all over again with a new ring and all his boyhood enthusiasm. AND... when she said, “Of Course I’d marry you all over again” Rev. Bob came from around the corner after having gotten everything set and said with a big smile to her, “And I’m here to marry you both again - right here and right now in front of your friends, your families and your original bridal party.” This was one of the most touching services performed by Rev. Bob who admits that he loves Renewal of Vows ceremonies probably more than even the original wedding ceremonies because this time the couples are saying that despite all of our challenges throughout the years, “I’d still want to marry you over again!!” What a wonderful day that was and to think it all started probably from the idea of “where can I renew my vows in DeKalb County”. Renewals of Vows can be anytime Renewals of a couple’s wedding vows can be arranged to be done anytime, anywhere. Couples usually ponder the idea with thoughts like, “where can I renew my vows in Kane County” or perhaps I should check around for a Chicago minister to renew our vows. Often couples talk about their first wedding was not very much “because he was in the service so we got married at the court house or on base so it was quick and we never had a very nice original wedding”. In other cases, they admit that funds never permitted a big wedding and now they want to do it up right like they wished they did back then. Still others say that they always dreamed of marrying at a certain time of the year, at a particular location, during a certain season or weather, having more friends there to celebrate, etc. Renewals can be done any time and anywhere you want. For those deciding on locating a McHenry County officiant to renew our vows, Caring Hearts Ministry is proud to offer renewal wedding services. Our ceremonies have been done both inside and outside. However it would be more meaningful for you both is perfect with us, too. Anniversaries to Consider Popular choices for Anniversary Party Renewal of Vows is on even or significant dates like 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 50th or 75th anniversaries but one can also consider on a First Anniversary, when children reach a certain age, before a major surgery, after some milestone which occurs for the couple or for just about any other reason including ‘we just decided to get married again’ as a way to further enhancing their bond and to show the world at the same time that they are ‘in it for keeps’ so they decided to get married to each other all over again.  If a particular time of the year is not a favorite then to seek an Anniversary Renewal of Vows celebration McHenry County, il is a great alternative and often is considered a better decision since it coincides with the actual wedding date. Planning it Right A Renewal of Vows can be accomplished in a simple way (similar to a format like our ‘Beautiful Beginnings’ wedding ceremony) or more complicated to include music, a carriage ride, bridal party attendants and anything else that was or was not at your original wedding. For some, they want more than their previous ceremony while others want it meaningful yet scaled back to not necessarily include everything from a traditional wedding ceremony. Our outline below presents a suggested contents of features that we know you will enjoy having for your renewal no matter where or when you have it. A quick review will convince you that we are the best ministry choice when you require a Renewal of Vows officiant McHenry County, il as we promise to do our utmost in helping to make this day truly festive, tender and memorable. Personalizing it from there will make it truly memorable and we’ll work closely with you or any family planner assistants taking charge of putting it all together in a special way which everyone (especially the couple) will thoroughly enjoy.  Spectacular Features of the ‘Forever in Love’ Renewal of Vows Ceremony package *    One Table is brought and skirted in white, accented in the theme colors of the original wedding or colors preferred for this Renewal or Anniversary. The table is equipt as a Mini Altar Table for having Holy Water, Bible, Christian Cross (or other faith statuary) and accessories for carrying forward the ceremony aspects. Anniversary related decorations also included or placed there from planner of event belonging to couple. *    Minister can present ceremony in Clergy Attire, White or Black Robe or distinctive business suit. *    Presentation lasts for 20 - 24 minutes {get out the video camera and take lots of pictures} *    Couple receives a specialized Renewal of Vows keepsake certificate signed by minister and witnesses to Renewal of Vows ceremony. Ceremony Contents {Partial Listing}: Welcoming Words, Opening Prayer, On Strength of Marriage, Believing in Each Other, Marriage Address, Tradition Unfolded, Ring Re-Exchange, Vows and Personal Words of Tenderness Spoken By Partners, Blessing of Couple, Re-Pronouncement, Yes, there has to be a KISS PART, Concluding Thanks to All Present Ideal for couples having 10 - 70 (or fewer) guests in attendance Caring Hearts Ministry: ‘Forever in Love’ Renewal of Vows Ceremony package Fee: $275 The Wrap Up Whether to be made as a part of a summertime back yard BBQ set up as a surprise party and becoming or transitioning into a whole lot more with the help of a  Renewal of Vows officiant McHenry County, il, ....OR..... done on a particular wedding anniversary... or... conducted indoors / out, Renewal of Vows ceremonies are indeed very unique because of what they are - each partner giving testimony that they still are just as much (or even more so) in love and they are proving it to their partner and others who are there as witnesses. These couples stand firm in their devotion to marriage and to each other.  Look to us when considering the idea of where can I renew my vows in Kane County or where can I renew my vows in DeKalb County and you’ll never be disappointed with us as the results - especially on that renewal Wedding Day. Our dedication to couples is unmatched because we view each as unique. Our outreach is great and often we do find individuals calling us when searching for a Chicago minister to renew our vows. We ARE happy to be of service to all who call upon us. For those just starting out their quest to put together a celebration like this, we have many suggestions to help you along as a Anniversary Renewal of Vows celebration McHenry County, il expert. It is totally understandable that not everyone plans these on a regular basis so feel free to call upon us to offer up suggestions if you get stuck for how best to pull it off, keep it a secret from {well, you know who}, where to get neat party supplies or how best to get family members to all pitch in and lend a hand. We are very experienced in this realm as the “McHenry County officiant to renew our vows” non denominational ministry preferred area service provider selected by more and more families. AND... We can’t wait to help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s gonna Be FUN. To learn more about why Rev. Bob Russell is the perfect choice affordable non denominational wedding minister Call Anytime (815) 793-3325 and discover for yourself how wonderful your wedding or other event can become... with Caring Hearts Ministry turning your dream and vision into reality !!!
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