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When your love for one another is so strong, that you ABSOLUTELY need your partner to know that marriage Will Be that next step as soon as life presents the right way ..........and right day for the blessed event to happen  ‘My Heart & My Soul’ Commitment Ceremony package Stages of Love From the first moments of childhood adolescence when you get that look in your eyes because you spotted someone whom you were attracted to (I think this is where they got the expression ‘ puppy love’), there are many other progressive different stages of experiencing love as we mature. From dating casually, to going steady, to the giving and receiving of a promise ring to engagement and then onto marriage. I probably missed a few along the way. Each stage is special and even more special than the last because it signifies your increased devotion stemming from a stronger love and bond that exists between you. When Life Presents Postponements As sometimes happens, life presents challenges that we must find a path around and nothing can be more frustrating than when two people who are in love cannot move forward with plans to marry. The reasons can include that one may have decided to join the military and has been told they are being reassigned overseas where a spouse cannot join. Another reason may be that a partner has a traditional job that is taking him / her on extended trips over the next several years and so living together is not a practical option. Maybe, two people are deeply in love but trying to finish college, medical school or some other internship program and so the dedication and financial constraints suggest waiting on marriage. Others may be suffering from an illness and want to wait until some recovery date. Until recent legislation changed the Illinois landscape, gay couple commitment ceremony were a popular decision reached because marriage between two individuals of the same gender was not legalized. We could go on and on for what challenges us and puts the brakes on finalizing wedding plans. The good news is that you can still express your love without going the next step of marrying - choose a commitment ceremony instead getting married. It is also noteworthy to mention that while some contact us to make inquiries for a wedding ceremony that is religious without the county marriage license to be sought, others do  prefer to not declare a marriage but instead would rather acknowledge the professing of their love in the form of a Loving Commitment Ceremony. Demonstrating How Much You DO Care There is a time for marriage and a time when marriage is not an option; AND yet, you still are determined to want your partner to know how much you deeply care. Have a Loving Commitment Ceremony to demonstrate your love. These ceremonies are tenderly worded and personalized around you both as a unique couple who are bound by love and destined to stay together in the face of hard challenges. The Perfect Accent to an Engagement Party Engagement get togethers are filled with lots of fun times, partying and laughs with family and friends. Often, the central focus is on checking out that engagement ring, talking about ‘when the date is going to be’ and other such things that couples are excited to talk about during this time of joy and reflection of early dating. You can add to the excitement by having a totally unexpected thing unfold in front of everyone - why not have an engagement ceremony officiant show up to make an awesome presentation that is religious or civil to kick everything off. YES, put on an engagement party ceremony for everyone to enjoy watching which is far more than just your basic engagement ceremony but includes some features hosted by Rev. Bob Russell that will bring even deeper meaning to the day. Let all there know that this is more than just a fun time out with everyone - it is a time to look at the serious side that your love is so deep and everlasting that you are agreeing to wed soon. The Perfect Next Step... or Final Step For some, marriage is not something that they can consider for a foreseeable future. There can be any number of reasons some of which we touched on above - illness, legal battles with others, etc. Perhaps some opening will appear that gives you the “go ahead” to marry; but, until then, you are stuck in a place that is agonizing.... you want to state that your love is unconditional and you want that special partner to know you mean it. This commitment ceremony accomplishes what you need most - a way to publically express your devotion to one another. Adoring Features of the ‘My Heart & My Soul’ Commitment Ceremony package *   The ceremony lasts for between 18 - 22 minutes depending on the choice of sections included, lengths of these parts along with anything special you want to include during a time when you speak or read to your loving partner. *   The minister brings in one table that is accented with colors that will match any theme for your engagement party. This table is decorated to be festive and functional for the minister’s duties and has been complimented by many as being a nice feature of the ceremony (especially by people taking pictures). Listing of Ceremony Parts {Partial Contents} Welcoming to Guests, Opening Prayer, Expressions of Love & Devotion, On Discovery of Joy with Your Partner, Time Passages, The Journey Together, Promise Ring Placement (option), Sentimental Promises by Each, Prayer For (various to pick from), Concluding Message to All *   You receive a specially designed Loving Commitments ceremony keepsake certificate suitable for framing or for putting in one page of your scrapbook being assembled of those beginning times together. Ideal for couples having 5 - 30 (or fewer) guests in attendance Caring Hearts Ministry: ‘My Heart & My Soul’ Commitment Ceremony package Fee: $235 The Wrap Up With all the complexities in life, there are many who are in love but opt not to marry at least for now - for these individual couples, they prefer a commitment ceremony instead getting married. Each has their own reason and we at Caring Hearts Ministry want them to know that no matter what the reason, we want to share in their celebration and professing of love. Whether one is looking for an engagement ceremony officiant for an engagement ceremony, engagement party ceremony or the planner wants a supporting minister who is willing and capable of doing a  gay couple commitment ceremony, you’ll find that we have variations in ceremony styles that suit all needs and tastes. To learn more about why Rev. Bob Russell is the perfect choice affordable non denominational wedding minister Call Anytime (815) 793-3325 and discover for yourself how wonderful your wedding or other event can become... with Caring Hearts Ministry turning your dream and vision into reality !!!
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