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A Traditional Elegant Wedding at every turn because nothing less will ever be good enough...         After all, You Deserve Having The Very Best ‘Lifetime of Memories’ Wedding Ceremony package The ‘Lifetime of Memories’ Wedding is unlike any wedding you have gone to UNLESS you went to a church wedding that was rich with tradition, customs brought in from the backgrounds of the couple and dressed in the religious elements that the families hold dear to them. This ceremony is the next step before you deciding to write the entire wedding ceremony scripting for us because it offers plenty of areas for you to let us know your preferred wording, what to include in various sections and how much of a ceremony it is to be. It may last for 25 minutes or with cultural or other unique features (ex. Sponsors, Giving of Gold Coins, Lazo, Hand fasting, Jumping of the Broom, Family Section for Presentation to Children, etc.) the ceremony could last upward to an hour or more. A typical ceremony lasts for about 30 minutes which fits in perfectly for the couple wanting a minister for 30 minute wedding ceremony in Mchenry county il [for example]. Only you can say for sure whether you want the core features or wish to add from there because of your views on making it more religious.... or even less time for those wanting a civil ceremony that omits or substitutes religious features for non religious features (yes, we are happy to do this for you). The end result is you both getting a traditional ceremony with all the elegance, all the customs from your families and all the features you will like to see for making it the most meaningful possible. Next Best to having a church wedding  Over the years, a large number of couples have called on us to perform a wedding ceremony and they follow a similar request, “Can we have a nice traditional wedding that is somewhat religious but without the long sermon like churches do” as well as stating, “We’re religious in our own way but we really don’t go to or belong to anywhere in particular for a church or other place of worship”. Similarly they say they are seeking a  “traditional but affordable religious wedding ceremony minister Chicago”. They are looking for a ministry which will accept them for who they are and not judge them for who they are not. Neither do couples want to go through 8 -12 weeks of pre-marital counseling. What they do want is a middle of the road (non-denominational) minister who can deliver a pleasant and somewhat religious service without the overly religious parts that they sometimes sit through when their friends or relatives get married. We can fit their request easily in the way we conduct our ceremonies  - especially for the ‘Lifetime of Memories’ package talked about here. In this ceremony, one feature we are particularly known for is our placement of two tables (sometimes 3) for use as an altar table which is positioned behind the minister and the second one situated off to one side for carrying out of an exercise or tradition (ex. Blending of Sands, Unity Candle Lighting, etc.). We accent these tables in your theme colors and they are decorated as well as furnished with religious items like Holy Water for ring and other item blessings, the Bible, Ring Pillow and other necessities used during the service. Many photographers have remarked very enthusiastically that they never see such nice set ups when they go to other weddings. We are proud to offer this as we want to help to bring the feeling and look of a church experience to you without all the extra talking . Doing this for you makes for a much nicer experience, greater pictures of the ceremony (instead of us just standing up in the middle of the isle without any accompaniments) and more meaning to your service for guests. We are proud to be a highly rated choice for those deciding to check out Illinois wedding officiants when they are starting to plan for their wedding. We spare the sermon, preaching and demands - there’s nothing embarrassing about us One big question on the minds of couples, planners and their families is, “What are you going to say?” People are (rightfully so) wary that the minister might start off trying to condemn, preach or otherwise embarrass them in front of friends, family and co-workers. Nothing is further from our minds. We go to your wedding site to perform a nice wedding that will give you great memories. We are not there to try to convert people to think this way or that way. We are not there for political viewpoints to be expressed. We Are There to be your positive extension and to represent you in a good way to everyone. That is our focus as a ministry - for you to be seen in the best way possible. We are not there for us; but instead, we are there for YOU. At any time during the planning process, if you are ever wondering what is going to be said during this part or that part of a service, just ask and we’d be happy to read it to you right over the phone without hesitation - we want your surprises for the day to only be fantastically nice ones!   Beautifully flowing ceremony through three distinct sections We like to look at the entire ceremony as being separated into thirds. The first third of the service (perhaps the initial 7–8 minutes) is the warm up of getting the couple and audience ready for what is to come. The middle third is the excitement part - what people are really there for or in other words, the main part of the ceremony [traditions, vows and ring exchange] ........ and the last third is the Wrap Up where that infamous kiss will be photographed a million times {okay, 10 million times} and you two will never forget the sizzling fun and excitement of finally - after all the hoping, dreaming, planning and waiting - you are pronounced... Husband and Wife. What happens during each part is a series of beautifully flowing steps that proceed in a logical transition and sequence from part to part to part all leading to the next section and taking you and the audience through the stages of getting married. Within the sections, each area can be personalized by you where you feel it a good idea to bring out your thoughts, experiences and fun, crazy, eventful, etc. past together dating and being engaged so the ceremony is highly specific to you both as a couple. We can share the story of your love - we know the best place where to put this. Want to say why you love each other so much, we know where to put this, too so the timing of saying it is perfect (and either you can say it or we can for you in case you feel that you may get nervous at the last moment). Never, ever, ever are any of our ceremonies like the last one. Only the core structure is the same and yet even in this respect, we can add to or take away parts that you want to include or wish to leave out in order for you to be enjoying the service to the max - [that’s the goal]. Our role is to guide you stress free and easily throughout step by step As your minister, think of us as your mentor, your guide, your coach. We are there to gently bring you from step to step throughout the ceremony. Even with a rehearsal, some people get nervous. With a focus on making the ceremony becoming totally, totally, totally stress-free, we try to eliminate the feeling of being shy in front of a group of people in a number of ways. First, we use humor when it is appropriate and fitting. Secondly, you are looking at the minister or each other during the majority of the ceremony so you are not even thinking about he people behind you - and... when you do, just remember they are your family, your friends..... AND, they are there because they love you. These people are here to support you so they are the best people to be in the room with on this day. Thirdly, we provide a complete summary of the wedding so you see each step of the way and you can review it at any time and as often as you want so you are never left wondering what part comes up next. Fourth, this ceremony comes with a rehearsal so we’ll practice as often as you like until you feel ready for the next day. Fifth, you can call the minister anytime, day or night - and as often as you wish so you know he is there for you and he can put your mind at ease. Sixth, once you complete the easy questionnaire sheets filling in the basics for our completing of the ceremony, you’ll realize how easy [and they ARE Super Easy! ] this part of your day will be and that you needn’t worry about anything - you’ll be perfectly fine! There is probably a seventh, eighth, ninth and so on; but, we’ll hold off on talking about these and tell you when we talk to you in person or over the phone - ok! We give you an outline of steps for greater peace of mind We touched upon this above; but, we want to make sure this is fully understood. We provide an ‘Itinerary of the Wedding’ as a part of your Welcome Kit. You have one for the wedding and one for the rehearsal. These are a very thorough review and a step by step outline of the wedding parts. We do this with the sole purpose of keeping you informed about what happens during the service. We feel that the worst thing that makes most people nervous is that not knowing of what is about to take place so we tell this so you can share it with your partner who may not hear our initial conversation when setting the date in our office and so family or planners also know the parts. This is also helpful for DJs and photographers preparation for them to understand too when (for example) a cue will be given to play a certain song or when the photographer should come in closer to get ready for some special pictures that the person can get of a special part of the ceremony. It is all a part of what we call transparency and full disclosure. In short, it helps you to feel confident and it helps other wedding vendors to do their jobs better.    We embrace having your friends, relatives and others participate in the ceremony process Besides extending the hand of friendship to fellow clergy, we at Caring Hearts Ministry welcome your family and friends whom you want to play a part in your wedding ceremony. From moms and step moms or dads and step dads walking in brides together on each arm, to cousins standing up to do readings, to children joining in to do the Blending of Sands (or during a Unity Candle Lighting where each child has his / her own candle to join with the family candle), the list is seemingly endless of how we have embraced others coming to weddings in the actual wedding ceremony. We love doing this. It makes the wedding more about the whole group when more are involved. We like to look for ways to include people and make them feel a part of everything. They are there because they are special to you and in turn we want them to feel special. We don’t want audience members to feel like they are just there to sit and listen to someone. If we can include people, mention them, point them out or in any way, involve people, we do this so everyone has a great time being there for you! We can co-officiate as the Major Role, Minor Role or Equal Role Occasionally, we get a call asking us if we would be willing to co-officiate at a wedding ceremony. In these cases, we share the marriage ceremony process with another member of the clergy. The more frequent request of this are in the cases of two different religions being ideally equally represented and the desire by the couple or the families to involve both sides religiously. Sometimes we see this when there is to be a Christian and a Jewish ceremony blended. In these cases, we work closely with all involved to find the best mix of who does what so there is no awkwardness to the ceremony by either of the clergy persons and for ironing out who talks when, who begins, who finishes and the other finer details. In still other cases, we are asked to include a person who is a deacon or other high ranking person within a church to have a more active role in the ceremony besides simply doing a reading. In one case recently, a sister played an instrumental role in carrying out various aspects of the service including the ring exchange. We are happy to include others in ceremonies to equally represent family religious practices as well as to involve family who are clergy themselves. Please feel free to mention this so we can properly organize the best way to construct the equal sharing of the service as well as if we are taking a major or minor role according to your preference. Humorous, Witty, Charming, Funny are some of the ways our services are remembered  “Where did you find that guy. Do you have his card? I want him for my wedding next Spring!” are just one of many similar expressions of admiration we hear from people who just sat through one of our weddings. We couldn’t ask for nicer responses to your ceremony. This makes our day to know that your families and friends loved what we said and how everything flowed together. If you want the feeling of sitting through an IRS tax change seminar, go to the other people ...... if you want, fun, lively, inspiring and good timing, why not enjoy the performance that we deliver every time we perform at someone’s wedding. We relate to those in their senior years, we relate to children (yes, we know teenagers can be tough), we relate to those who are executives as well as those who work in all fields and job descriptions. We relate well to everyone. God accepts all and so do we. We totally enjoy being out with people and for us it is an honor and privilege to be a part of your wedding day experience. When people leave from your ceremony, they will talk for weeks or months about how great the service was because we try to make it that way - exciting at the right moments, charming during the tender spots of the service... everything is well thought about before we step foot in front of you for the ceremony.  The Highest Level of Professionalism Imaginable  People trust in our reputation, our experience and years of satisfying families around Chicagoland. This is why we receive calls from people saying that we married someone else in their family and so they want us or in the case of one woman who called and said, “You married me 3 years ago when I got re-married, now my daughter is getting married so we want you to do her ceremony - you can be there right!!!” These types of calls make us proud because it says that not only was it enjoyable for the moment but after thinking about it, seeing video, seeing pictures, hearing from guests there and having enough time to even forget how to reach out to us - these people look to have us back. We can’t express the happiness we have for calls like this. Another kind of call comes from coordinators of different banquet halls, golf courses, resorts, and other locations where they have seen us and in comparison to others who walk through the door to conduct a ceremony, they know us as providing high quality services. These are special. We are not receiving these calls because of being a paid advertiser on an annual vendor listing. These people are different! They appreciate us for being professional like they themselves are and they know that when they refer us, we won’t let them down or embarrass them. We also understand that we must ways do our absolute very best so these referring people remain confident that we will always make them look good for having referred us. In the so called business of performing wedding celebrations (some call it being a part of the wedding industry), we see many of the same faces - often we show up and a photographer comes over saying, “Hi, I was at your ceremony last May”, etc. or a DJ will compliment us on a wedding he was also working at that we officiated over a few months before this next time we meet. We also know who other members of the clergy are to a certain extent as we may both be present to perform a service in different locations at the same venue. Whether we are waiting to use a location or just passing by, we all tend to have respect for one another. As there are only so many prime dates in the year to marry couples unless one chooses to marry during the week , on a Sunday or early /late in the day, some of us get certain chosen dates reserved and cannot hold another ceremony (we can’t be in two places at one time). We at Caring Hearts Ministry are thankful to other non denominational ministers throughout chicagoland who from time to time, ask couples who call upon them to call us when they are already booked to perform a ceremony, funeral or other function and therefore cannot help the inquiring persons / couples. This means a lot when fellow clergy view us as a good replacement when they themselves are busy and we are happy to do all in our power to be of assistance. This to us is a high compliment to know how other clergy view our ceremonial professionalism as non denominational clergy. Presentation Expertly Delivered to your guests {not done by a newbie joking at his mistakes} For those couples who may want a family member or friend or that guy who just got ordained on line to perform their wedding ceremony, remember, this is one of your most cherished days in life - if it important to you, why hand over the ceremony to someone not having the experience to make it turn out the way you are expecting this memory to be. We have the knowledge, the experience at presenting in front of groups big and small and know how to make the day extra special. We do like to honor special people in your life and so we suggest you ask this other person to participate in some other smaller but no less important role like that of doing a reading or other activity that we can include to pay honor to your relationship. Reliable and Dependable {on time - we arrive early for setting up and last minute discussion} The last thing anyone ever wants to think about on their wedding day is the question of, “Where is the minister”. With everything going on, florists showing up to place arrangements, musicians arriving to set up equipment, photographers taking all those ‘before shots’, you’ll be busy enough watching everybody preparing for that time when you walk down the isle.... but who will be there is the question. We Will Be There. At Caring Hearts Ministry, we take pride in never having missed a wedding for any reason. We also like couples and planners to know that we are not simply a one person ministry; but instead, we do have qualified back up capable of performing if one gets sick (which rarely happens). We want you to be completely confident that we are not someone you have to worry about. In fact, we typically over budget for travel time so we get there to your ceremony location even earlier than we expect. Typically, Rev. Bob arrives a full 30 minutes or more ahead of the scheduled wedding to meet both the bride and groom, together with parents, photographer and musician / DJ to discuss any last minute ideas or changes. If the wedding calls for tables to be set up and decorated or otherwise prepared for the ceremony, the minister proceeds to handle those tasks with his assistant (when he determines the need to bring her / him along). This means that everything is set up and ready to go as soon as you give the word that all are there, you are all set to make your entrance and we can start the wedding ceremony. Reliability and trustworthiness for being so dependable are probably the greatest reasons why many couples who call upon us to perform a wedding are doing so through recommendation of close friends whom we married, brothers or sisters who used us for their wedding and others (including fellow ministers) who understand that Rev. Bob Russell and Caring Hearts Ministry are dedicated professionals bent of maintaining among the best of reputation in the wedding industry. We will be there for you - in many, many ways (not just on getting there on time, but also doing things right as you are expecting them). Exquisite Features of the ‘Lifetime of Memories’ Wedding Ceremony package +    The ceremony has two (and sometimes 3 tables) placed for features of the ceremony (one is meant for a mini-altar table and accented in those elements used at the service for religious ceremonies [Ex. Holy Water, The Bible, Ring Pillow, a floral or other centerpiece, crosses for Christian services, and other components used depending on the religion practiced], the second table is for the placement of your tradition that will be performed by the two of you along with any parents, bridal party or children taking a part in the exercise, the third table would be needed either for a Memorial Table used as a part of the Remembrance Section paying tribute to those who have passed or for a signing table to take care of the license preparation after the ceremony is finished. Each table is draped in white fire-retardant cloth and accented with fabrics matching as close as possible to your theme colors so we appear in synch with your wedding. +   The ceremony has many features to it that resemble a standard church wedding without the lengthy sermon added on (we can add a mini-sermon if you wish and we should add that yes we have done so for couples requesting this). The core features and sections mentioned elsewhere of the Sweet & Elegant package are included plus we also have some other fine sections that add a bit more spirituality to your ceremony. Such areas include a Scripture Reading (which can be done by the minister or a member of your family if your prefer) - and, you get to pick what you want read or if you prefer a substitution like having the Irish Wedding Blessing recited. There is also a section to honor those unable to attend by virtue of distance, illness or if they had passed away. (Ask us about the Memorial Table that we recommend and other ways we have made this section especially loving and tender in past ceremonies. There is also a feature which permits for poetry, motivational thoughts, quotations or other readings by members of your family or audience. This is great for giving someone an active part should they not be standing up in the wedding and you want to honor them with still being involved in your day, some way. There is a Benediction Prayer written specifically for the both of you and some other fine features not mentioned here that we can discuss with you. +   The biggest feature about this wedding is the flexibility that we extend toward those who want to substitute features as well as personalize areas so the ceremony really is special and unique to the couple. You can assist us in creating a more or less religious ceremony - this is totally up to you. For some, they may want aspects like a Blessing of Bread and Wine Tasting (Jewish tradition), brushing of parents’ shoes (Hindu tradition), others may want a Jumping of The Broom (Polish or African tradition), some may ask for Communion offered to the entire audience (Christian ceremonies), hopping over the cauldron for fertility in marriage (Pagan), and the list goes on and we have done these and many more. For those wanting more of a Civil Ceremony, we can eliminate religious features and substitute those along with decorations for non religious ideas, decorations and viewpoints that we use or modify the service based on your own ideas (let’s talk about the options).  Ideal for couples having 150 - 300+ (or fewer) guests in attendance Duration of Ceremony: 30 - 40 minutes in length Perfectly suited for including ethnic steps in the ceremony Great for when translation services (ex. Hearing Impaired) are utilized For those having respect for a traditional church wedding, this is ideal Have it as much religious features as desired (Ex. Communion to audience, Sermon, etc.) Create a nice blending of multiple religions during the service (it can be done tastefully) Include Military Honors and Traditions for enlisted personnel where desired Include Special Mentioning for VIPs and others in attendance (ex. Birthdays, Anniversaries) Have it as little religion (or none) (Ex. No Prayers, Blessings, Holy Water, etc.) Incorporate 1, 2, 3 or more traditions (Candle Lighting, Wine Capsule, Giving of Roses, etc. ) Invite 2 - 5 readers for scripture, poetry, book paragraph favorites, inspirational quotes Have a Story of Your Love Told to all attending Put a section to the service that you personally create Have the Vows stated in any of three personal ways (or even a combination of them) Include a ‘Prayer For New Life’ {For Expectant Moms being married} Receive our Best Deluxe Keepsake Wedding Certificate signed by minister and witnesses Processing of your Marriage Licence back to county for registering your wedding Name Change Forms and Tips Sheet provided to make change of name easier and faster A ‘Last Minute Review Session’ with the minister prior to the rehearsal for fine tuning Unlimited availability to minister right up to the Big Day by text, voice and email Blessing of Bread ceremony during Reception or Post Ceremony if requested {Ex. Polish, Jewish, Ukrainian and other nationalities and religious backgrounds prefer this offering}  YES, You get our Ultimate Rehearsal {a 1 ½ hour complete practicing of the wedding at the venue or other location FREE} Get extra tips when requested on how to make the wedding day turn out stress free.. AND GREAT, AWESOME, SPECTACULAR.... Yes, this is possible. Let us help you enjoy yourself. Here are just a few of the many testimonials we are blessed to receive every year~ Thank you for performing such a beautiful service. Everything went smoothly and we were pleased by the end result. Thank you for the support you showed throughout the process. Sincerely, Tony and Heather Thank you so much. You did a beautiful service. You and your wife are so very nice. We were nervous and you made it so easy. Thank you again.   Love, Brent & Emily Bolin Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful wedding service. All of our family loved what you presented during our wedding. We would be very happy to recommend you to our friends / family in the future. Kelly & Gary Shelton Caring Hearts Ministry: ‘Lifetime of Memories’ Wedding Ceremony package Fee: $495 The Wrap Up There are many Illinois Wedding Officiants throughout the Chicagoland area and yet very few who can put together the kind of wedding ceremony which is both traditional and spiritual, including all the right elements without making it overly long, too religious ( we can modify it to be a Civil Ceremony if no religious elements are preferred) and will be viewed by you and your guests as being a fantastic experience. Couples tell us often how glad they are to have chosen us when they started looking around and talking with people to fill the role of being their minister for 30 minute wedding ceremony in Mchenry county il [for example]. Everything we do is personalized so each couple feels as special as possible and each audience feels like they are a part of something great. We embrace cultural and religious traditions and incorporate any combination of features - adding to or subtracting from the main ceremony so it fits your tastes and expectations.  More and more people find this to be exactly what they wanted when they searched for a traditional but affordable religious wedding ceremony minister chicago. It’s fun, humorous, tender, loving and every step guides you in a joyful way through the marriage ceremony journey to that pronouncement, that kiss and that walk (or run) down the isle and off to a wonderful reception celebration which awaits you. To learn more about why Rev. Bob Russell is the perfect choice affordable non denominational wedding minister Call Anytime (815) 793-3325 and discover for yourself how wonderful your wedding or other event can become... with Caring Hearts Ministry turning your dream and vision into reality !!!
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