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Designed from your Creation...  AND, Performed According to your Vision ………… for the Perfect Wedding Day  ‘The Lord & Lady’ Wedding Ceremony package {a 100% customized service ceremony} For years, you have known that one day, when you find that incredibly special someone and everything in your lives is aligned to wed... this will be that time to set the date and move ahead with your plans. You are a planner, in fact.... and a very good one at that. Your life is very organized because you make it that way. There is no settling for letting other people ruin it when you know how best to handle the situation because of your exposure and experience. Your wedding plans have been categorized and you are ready to find someone both skilled as an orator and cooperative in conducting the ceremony Your Way. Ready to Charge Forward and Make It Happen You have already done the essential research, you have formulated a sequence of activities, script recitals and even have it down to readings, who will do them and how music will be interlaced throughout the ceremony. The one major area is the filling in of some slight gaps in certain areas and for this you would like some additional insight for you to decide how to complete the ceremony. This is why you are seeking a Chicago officiant for a customized wedding ceremony.  For those like you who are die hard perfectionists (and darn great at it too) we offer this wedding package to extend to you the most latitude in creating your ceremony and having the minister perform it - you are the director and main stars and this is the way it should be so let’s get together and work on the finer details to turn your vision into a reality. The Core Features All Weddings Must Include (1) Courtesy Welcoming to Guests, (2) Consent Offered by Couple, (3) Vows Repeated and (4) Pronouncement of Marriage Your Wedding Ceremony Designed By You What goes into the above sections is totally up to you, additional sections are up to you, religious, cultural and ethnic customs are for you to decide. Make use of our suggestions and / or incorporate your researched topics and recitals. We understand that when you set out to find a non denominational minister for a customized wedding ceremony you have had certain expectations for his guidance and professionalism. That is why we encourage you to hear the ceremony you want most - told in your words, the way you like it. We ask only to be given the complete scripting 3 full weeks before the scheduled rehearsal for our preparation to ensure our best performance. Longer ceremonies are recommended to be given to us in sections as they are completed for our review as early as possible. Rehearsal for Your Wedding No matter how familiar one is with the inner workings of any play or ceremonial event, nothing can replace the benefits received by conducting a rehearsal attended by the major contributing persons who will be instrumental in carrying out the various aspects of that event. Performing live in front of an audience can be an unnerving experience for even the most skilled and experienced and so we offer a thorough rehearsal as a practice session that is designed to not only review the various sections of the ceremony; but also, to handle the emotions of those participating so all feel comfortable when the day arrives. Your Minister / Officiant will work with everyone there who have questions, concerns and - yes - last minute jitters so that the wedding experience is as ideal as you envision and especially stress free.  Although we are considered by the local community as a McHenry County officiant for customized wedding ceremony, we travel to Chicago and throughout the suburbs glad to make ourselves available for rehearsals for one’s wedding day. Having you feel ready is important to us, too! The Day of...  By the time the day arrives, you will have everything mapped out in front of you from the moment that you awaken. The morning kiss, followed by a cup of coffee, breakfast.....  right straight through to when the lights shut off for the end of the day and you start of your honeymoon night. In between all this will be a ceremony which we have practiced with as many vendors who could be there together with important members of the immediate families and bridal party (we suggest asking the lead musician, photographer, videographer and other key people be there to review with us). Barring any unforseen circumstances, your day will happen your way. The only surprises will be great ones interspersed with laughter, tears of joy and hearty congratulations which will follow from loved ones who are glad you asked them to be there and totally loved the ceremony you created and how it was performed by all involved. What Happens Next There is that little matter of the Official Marriage License that comes from the county. {please inform us if you had already married in the past and are not requiring the minister to complete and mail back to the county a license for registration} We take special care to complete and return the license for recording. Remember: Marriage Licenses Are Not transferrable so you MUST GET THE MARRIAGE LICENSE FROM THE COUNTY WHERE THE MARRIAGE IS TO TAKE PLACE. A couple cannot (For Example) get a marriage license from Cook County and have it filled out for a marriage taking place in Kane County, etc. We do have a solution if this does happen to you should you secure the license from the wrong county so ask us if this will be the case in your circumstances.    Show Stopper Features of the ‘The Lord & Lady’ Wedding Ceremony package (01) Have three 45 minute meetings with the minister to discuss your wedding planning in addition to 24 hour access to him by phone, text or email. (02) You may schedule with us four FREE Life Counseling Pre-Marital Counseling sessions to discuss any marital topics you choose to talk about with (or without) your partner. Sessions must be arranged to take place before the wedding day or they are nullified. (03) A One Hour Review with Minister at his home office prior to the rehearsal to iron out any parts needing work to finalize sections as well as to determine missing components or areas of participation from other attendants. (04) A 90 minute Bridal Party and Family Rehearsal to be scheduled for Maximum Preparation. (05) Minister comes attired in any of his selected ministry or business ensembles or wears your provided attire (hair styling, photography makeup and costume or other specialty wardrobes to be furnished by client / couple at their expense). (06) Receive a wonderfully mastered performance of your wedding ceremony script performed by the minister / officiant guided with the aid of notes or presentation wedding day book or folio. (07) We can bring up to Four Ceremonial Tables skirted in white and accented with your theme colors (as close as possible). These are for such uses as an Altar Table, Activity Table for Candle Lighting or Sand Blending, Placement of Remembrance Photography and Flowers of those Loved and Lost, perhaps another table for completion of signatures required on Marriage License and Keepsake Certificates. (08) Receive our absolutely very highest quality Marriage Keepsake Certificate signed by your loved ones. (09) Minister completes the County Marriage License obtained by you and mails it back for having the marriage recorded and registered. (10) You’ll receive email confirmation of the above license forwarding so you know its done. [NOTE: You may order copies of your official marriage license either on line at the county web site or visit them in person and request one or more copies at the same place as you went to secure the license]  This Ceremony Ideal for couples having any quantity of guests in attendance Caring Hearts Ministry: ‘The Lord & Lady’ Wedding Ceremony package Fee: $950+ The Wrap Up The ‘Lord & Lady’ Wedding Ceremony package is by far the most comprehensive wedding experience offered by Caring Hearts Ministry and the perfect choice for those seeking a non denominational minister for a customized wedding ceremony. You will have the ability to personally decide virtually all aspects of the wedding ceremony according to your wishes and desired structure. To ensure that all goes as planned, you get a thorough review followed by a complete rehearsal to go over everything with key people being a major part of the wedding ceremony. Look no further than top us. There is no need to look far and wide throughout the Chicagoland area for someone with many years of ceremony experience. Rev Bob Russell is regarded widely as one of the best rated Chicago officiant for a customized wedding ceremony. Not only is he dedicated to performing well on your wedding day but he is committed to you personally, as people. This is why he says, “Let’s top it off with personal pastoral counseling to take out any perceived challenges that exist before the marriage takes place” and so we have to say that you couldn’t be any more prepared for a terrifically wonderful start together as husband and wife. For the couple who expect and demand the best for themselves and where there is no room for excuse or mistake, this will be the wedding which you, your families and guests will enjoy and appreciate. Choose Caring Hearts for your McHenry County officiant for customized wedding ceremony or if you are marrying within any of the many other counties we serve. To learn more about why Rev. Bob Russell is the perfect choice affordable non denominational wedding minister Call Anytime (815) 793-3325 and discover for yourself how wonderful your wedding or other event can become... with Caring Hearts Ministry turning your dream and vision into reality !!!
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