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For a Fantastically Fun, Awesome, Inspiring and Respectful Wedding that keeps your friends and family laughing, crying, totally enjoying themselves and sooooo glad you invited them to come to your wedding (because it is NOT long, boring or s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d  out) Wait a minute. Are we talking about...... having a Super Great Time, No Stress and Getting Married - - is that really possible.... ??????? YES….. It sure IS and couples constantly rave how wonderfully they and their friends loved the ceremony they were there for being a part of, witnessing and in many cases, participating in, too.  (**** Every year, couples vote this ceremony as their most popular choice for a wedding package here at Caring Hearts Ministry - and you will , too.) Let’s take a closer look to see WHY couples love this ceremony The ‘Sweet & Elegant’ Wedding Ceremony package The perfect wedding ceremony is not necessarily the longest one, especially when you are standing up in front of lots of people and you are thinking, “Why do we need all of this talking and nonsense - can’t we just be done with it already and get on to the reception.” While there are many who find value in the longer ceremony versions, there are many, many more who prefer to opt for a short and sweet ceremony that has elegance to it but doesn’t make you wait and wait and wait for it to be over. For this reason many call upon us when searching for a short and sweet wedding ceremony mchenry county type of service. This ceremony accomplishes these sentiments very nicely by keeping the ceremony filled with all the naturally good parts that you expect to have in the service without some of the (shall we say) unnecessary filler that longer services do include. Each couple has their own preferences and many acknowledge that some parts maybe good for others, but not for them and so therefore they prefer to skip over those unneeded parts in order to streamline the process for keeping the service loving, intimate and on the shorter side. All the Best Stuff (and Expected Features of a Wedding) ARE Included The majority of you reading this have been to other people’s weddings before, seen them on television, stood up in a bridal party or even been married before looking here. With this background, you have a pretty good handle on the many ways there are to hold a wedding ceremony. You have been to the super long, drawn out ones that leave you tired and wishing for a nice soft pillow and blanket so someone could wake you when it was all over. These can be trying on anyone - especially when not presented in a way that keeps up the momentum by varying the ceremony for keeping it moving along. The Sweet & Elegant ceremony has all the important features that one would normally expect to see for basics as well as supplementary component parts that blend to produce a wonderfully loving and tender flow of words and steps that together create the wedding. More and more couples wanting to find a short and simple wedding ceremony minister lake county il are thoroughly satisfied when hearing how complete this ceremony is and yet it is not long either. You could and we do permit additional features that are a part of bigger ceremonies and even aspects that come directly from your upbringing, culture, personal religious viewpoints and even elements that unify your entire now blended family of children on both sides. We’ll even ask if you want certain sections and you are perfectly fine with omitting them or replacing one section for something different. We have what we believe is an almost perfect short version of a ceremony... BUT, you decide if it is right or if you want to tweak it a bit to make it perfect for the two of you. Completion of a Wedding Activity Tradition  We could write pages on this section but we’ll save that for when you discuss plans with us. The whole essence of this topic is that we all know that there are certain parts of the ceremony which carry more meaning to you personally and one of those such sections is the tradition that gets carried out at the mid point of the service. We have all seen at some time or another the ‘Unity Candle Lighting’. It was popularized in just about every black and white movie from the 1930s, 40s and so on to present. This is commonly known as a Catholic ceremony tradition yet many others embrace the idea, too. A similar and more modern approach is the ‘Blending of Sands’ tradition which also signifies the joining of families and often is performed including children in the family as well as members of the bridal party in some cases. There are many ways this is done and we’d love to share with you all the ways we have seen it done at weddings. These are just two ideas. What about the Nuptial Knot, Hand Fasting, Painting, Tree Planting ......... like we mentioned, we can talk almost forever so let’s defer this to our talk together. The main thing to realize here is theat you have lots of options. Ask us also why people regard as their choice when looking around for a non religious wedding officiant Rockford il to find out how we can make for terrific weddings that are either religious in nature or non religious - or somewhere in the middle.. Some traditions are meant for only the couple to be involved in, others are designed to pay honor to children or parents and still others are more symbolic of one’s religious foundation or cultural heritage (ex. The jumping of the broom).   We have many accessories to help with this and we always supply one of our distinct tables skirted in white and accented with your theme colored fabrics that we also bring along to the wedding. Personalizing each step along the way As a ministry, we of course, are experienced in performing in front of many types and sizes of audiences. This alone is especially good when you are holding an event with employers present, best friends and others whom you want to impress when they show up dressed nicely to see you getting married.  While there is a structured format to the ceremony and therefore a natural flow to it, we welcome any contribution that you feel will make it better for you. You do receive a complete outline of the service so you always feel comfortable knowing what comes next and therefore the only surprises are nice and pleasant  ones. Many couples like this feature because it means that anything pertaining to your lives together can be mentioned whereby you feel its inclusion will benefit the service from this personalizing of it and, at the same time, making the ceremony more to your liking. In the Welcome Kit that we send along to you when you reserve the date, we have a series of simple questions that (they are always optional to answer) you can use to help us to customize the ceremony parts even further. Everything about how we craft a ceremony means that no two are ever alike .... because in our opinion, no one is the same as anyone else so why shouldn’t we do our very best to make your wedding ceremony unique and special, too! Let us explain further details on how we create the unique features of weddings and you’ll soon understand why many seek us out for their pick when choosing an officiant for a short wedding ceremony in DeKalb il among other places all around Chicagoland. Many couples over the years have seen us more frequently than just our being at their wedding because we have been asked by other members of the family to perform other weddings like ex. Mom and later her daughter, two sisters getting married a couple years apart, two brothers getting married - one on the family’s estate while the other opted for a lavish ballroom. Everyone has different preferences and so each of our weddings align to this making their wedding unique to them. A SIDE NOTE TO CONSIDER for all well intending volunteers ~ While on the topic of making your ceremony unique, personalizing it and involving others, we want to mention the following. This is not the time to whip out the brother, friend or other well intended but inexperienced volunteer who decided to get ordained on line last week to perform all or most of your wedding in front of 100 or 200 people (unless you are extremely confident that the person chosen won’t embarrass you by saying or doing the wrong things - after all these are your memories). One of our goals in serving you is to strengthen bonds between you and those who are there. This is our primary reason for not being in favor of having a volunteer take charge as we have heard that, unfortunately, on more than one occasion relationships worsened between couples and wedding day participants from ill feelings brought on by less than a happy disposition of someone’s actions at the wedding including performing it badly due to lack of experience. If someone is that important and close to you that you would want to consider them for a major involvement in your ceremony, ask us how we can include them in a role within the wedding so you and they can feel they are an active part without putting the burden of the entire ceremony resting on their shoulders.    Making the Vows EXTRA SPECIAL In the old days, vows were recited by the priest or other clergy and then the couple responded, “I Do”. Things have progressed quite a ways since then except in certain religious organizations that cherish maintaining the old traditions. We still offer this as a method of doing vows yet we also permit the writing of vows and reading of them from a sheet of paper to one another. This is a great method for those who are real romantics, love to write and therefore would like to say it personally and directly to their partner. Many also use this method if they speak a second language only known by older members of the family such as the grandparents and others who understand that native language best. We have had many couples say their vows in Spanish, Russian, Polish, German, Italian, Romanian, Hebrew and other languages. A third and perhaps most popular method is where you choose and possible edit your select vows and we coach you by saying them in small bite sized phrases for you to repeat back. By doing this, everything comes out nice and smooth and no one gets nervous from feeling that they have to memorize anything. As a part of your Welcome Kit Questionnaire, we ask you other things also to help personalize this section of the wedding. Ask us more about this when you call. Dignified, Respectful and Adaptable to .... Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why couples like to work with us for performing a wedding or for the handling of any other important milestone in their life is that we extend the utmost courtesy and respect to you and your families and your friends. We appreciate you coming to and reaching out to us and we’ll be the last one to ever take advantage of your trust in us. You and all those present are individuals with their own personalities and ways of life. Ours is to treat everyone with the utmost care and respect. One could find us this weekend at someone’s home, the next day at a star studded hotel in Chicago or the following weekend at a local farm. We go everywhere and anywhere you need us to be for your wedding day. Since word has spread about our services being well received locally, you will find us frequently performing weddings when you want to start inquiring about a minister for farm wedding ceremony Rockford il or for at any of the other surrounding farm communities. We respect everyone for who they are.... and we are not there to condemn or frown upon anyone. Each person in life is worthy of respect and admiration. This is our belief and this is how we conduct ourselves - Always. Your services conducted by us are done in a dignified manner and we are extremely adaptive of joining in and making cultural or other beliefs a part of ceremonies should this wish enhance your service in a way you like to see happen. Adapting to new ways and points of views make us a top choice among those looking for a non denominational minister for a short and sweet wedding ceremony in McHenry County. Having fringe religious beliefs are Okay! Incorporating cultural ideas are Okay! Omitting religion altogether and keeping it a Civil Ceremony is Okay! Performing a wedding for a Same Gender Couple is Okay! Treating you as individuals... ABSOLUTELY OKAY. Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay {just ask and guess what answer you’ll get... Yes, you’ll hear “Okay”}. Fun, Engaging and a Joy for all who witness the ceremony Yawn, Yawn , Yawn is not something you’ll see at one of our weddings. We said we would be dignifying... but we never said that we wouldn’t have a little humor and fun mixed in when the timing is just right. We know you want to enjoy this day of all days. It has its serious features and yet there are also times when a little well placed humor can help to break the ice or take the pressure off just when it is needed most. The years of performing ceremonies has taught us timing above all else so we know how to read the situation and decide if humor is a good thing for right now or kept more middle of the road. Should we speak slowly or speed up the pace. Being your minister includes being an opportunist for saying the right things when the moment is perfect for a welcomed response. This spells out to having your guests who are our audience rolling in their chairs laughing (sometimes laughing to the point of crying or shedding a tear from something that well said). To some extent, I suppose one could or perhaps should classify us as being an entertainer since we often get positive responses from those in the seats and hear the praise after the ceremony is all done. Everything that we do is looked at from the standpoint of how we feel our audience will receive our interaction with them so people everywhere from banquet halls to restaurant groups to parks to farms all enjoy our ceremonies. Lots of folks to the west of the sprawling towns that surround Chicago have found these services perfect to fit what they are looking for - especially if they are trying to locate someone for a  minister for farm wedding DeKalb county or other rural areas that do not have facilities that cater to function needs. We frequently have family members and random audience guests who come up to shake our hand and to say they can’t remember enjoying a wedding ceremony so much like they liked this one or brides who later write in to say that everyone complimented them that reception night on how they totally loved the ceremony. For these kind gestures and comments, we are eternally grateful and happy to be helping to make their wedding day memories especially nice. This make us more than just another professional - it makes us proud. Loving Features of the ‘Sweet & Elegant’ Wedding Ceremony package ^ Your minister arrives with one table used for the tradition, skirted in white draping and accented as close as possible to the theme colors selected for the wedding ^  The table above is decorated and set up for multiple wedding celebration functions ^ Your minister will be attired according to your wishes (Suit, Clergy Clothes with Stole, white or black robe) ^ Your minister arrives 30 or more minutes early to review with bridal party and couple anything needing to be covered to make the processional entrance appear nicer to guests ^  Your minister visits with the groom and the bride for last minute needs and discussions ^  The ceremony steps {Partial Listing only} include: The Welcoming Words, Opening Prayer, Presentation of Bride, Marriage Address, Preferred Wedding Tradition, Exchange of Vows, Placement of Rings, Blessing of Couple, Pronouncement of Marriage, Concluding Words and Festivities Segue Instructions to guests ^  Formal keepsake photography of minister and couple (if desired) with your photographer ^  A Deluxe Keepsake certificate is given and signed by the minister along with a bunch of helpful name changing time saver tips Ideal for couples having 80 - 135 (or fewer) guests in attendance Duration of Ceremony: 20 - 22 minutes in length Caring Hearts Ministry: The ‘Sweet & Elegant’ Wedding Ceremony package Fee: $395 The Wrap Up For about eight years, Caring Hearts Ministry has been offering this ceremony due to a large extent on couples like you who have said, “I like this because it is on the shorter side and it really does cover everything I really do want in my wedding ceremony - the rest of the features in some of the other bigger weddings might be great for others and I do see how they are nice features; but, this particular ceremony works well for us.” Those searching for a  short and sweet wedding ceremony mchenry county or even a short and simple wedding ceremony minister lake county il find that the sequence of steps match perfectly with what they are accustomed to seeing at other weddings ..... just skipping the readings and sermon parts which tend to stretch out the ceremony. No matter whether you are hoping to find someone willing to perform a non religious or civil ceremony (Ex. Someone wanting a non religious wedding officiant Rockford il) because you are not religious at all or spiritual but in your own special way, you’ll find us very adaptable. Also, at the same time, we are comfortable with hotel, restaurant, golf course, banquet hall, VFWs, American Legion Halls, at home BBQs as well as for someone wanting a minister for farm wedding ceremony Rockford il , minister for farm wedding DeKalb county or other rural town. If you want that shorter wedding that will be tender, meaningful, courteous to all invited, having features everyone coming expect to see in a wedding and have it performed by someone who is trustworthy and experienced (having done these hundreds of times over the course of years as a minister), let’s talk more about crafting your wedding day to be just the way you are hoping it to be. We service many counties from Chicago to many counties (see listing on this web site) so we Can and Will be happy to serve you no matter whether you want a minister for farm wedding DeKalb county or someone to be at your favorite golf course, museum or where ever your hearts select as the perfect place for your wedding day! (AND... FYI, we gladly travel up to 3 hours away each direction from our location so your location is not a problem to us - we cover a wide area of Illinois and Wisconsin) To learn more about why Rev. Bob Russell is the perfect choice affordable non denominational wedding minister Call Anytime (815) 793-3325 and discover for yourself how wonderful your wedding or other event can become... with Caring Hearts Ministry turning your dream and vision into reality !!!
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