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For couples wanting a wonderfully memorable wedding celebration which is dignified, charming and yet eliminates some of the more religious and other features not deemed as important to them as perhaps thought of by others who choose to marry ...            Yet, still personalized in all the right areas to make it special                  and unique to you and your love for each other!!! ‘True Love’ Wedding Ceremony package Designed for couples wishing to have a bit more control over the ceremony in that they wish to select their own vows, this is a very popular choice. Couples also have some additional sections added for audience enjoyment. Although there are many reasons for finding this ceremony to be ideal (ex. For those making wedding plans including getting an officiant for a farm wedding ceremony Dekalb area), we also find that restaurant and backyard weddings are great places where to hold this kind of service. If you are planning to invite anywhere from 30 - 75 guests, they will love the ceremony they witness (not to mention they'll be grateful that they didn't have to sit through some long sermon - this is just to the taste without going overboard). Couples who plan wedding ceremonies vary in how much or how little they personally want to be involved in the creation of the wedding ceremony. For couples wishing to have an active role in formulating different sections of the service, the ‘True Love’ ceremony will satisfy their yearning without making the ceremony a burdensome experience. We invite partners to select their own vows (or use any of our suggestions) and personalize various other sub parts of the ceremony including the mentioning of how and where they met for making the wedding ceremony truly a reflection of the love they share and hopes for tomorrow. The perfect solution for mature couples Couples decide to wed at all different ages. It is not the norm for individuals to wed only in their twenties; instead, we find professional couples, those who tried to establish themselves in a career, those previously unwed but waiting for children to grow up all deciding it is time to get married to that loving partner who has always been there as a pillar of strength. In short, they have been together long enough to know that their love Will Not fail.... EVER. These couples have a very mature outlook and want to marry without a huge group of people showing up. For them, seventy-five or fewer people is just he right amount. Just as they know what they want for a reception, they have a pretty good idea how they want to personalize the ceremony. They want to be a part of selecting their vows and even adding some things here and there to add into the ceremony so it doesn’t sound to dry or unrelating to them. They want the ceremony to be focused on themselves and they are willing to help in creating it. This is where the ‘True Love’ ceremony shines through to deliver a wonderfully created symbol of their love. The most important parts of the ceremony Unlike bigger ceremonies that have dozens of parts including readings from different people candle lightings, sand blendings or other sections, this ceremony concentrates on the most important, most essential, and the most personally loving parts that need to be addressed. For these couples, the length of the ceremony is not as vital as that each part says what they want most - it is religious where it should be ... serious in sections that ought to be serious and humorous when the occasion calls for it. This is not a skimpy service but instead a condensed one that concentrates on quality of each part and savoring those moments. The service is traditional   {yet shorter to align with other plans} All of the core essentials are mentioned from vows to ring exchange to a Blessing or Well Wishing just as one would expect in a traditional wedding. We recognize that there are certain fundamental parts that make a wedding... well, ‘A Wedding’. We also understand that the ceremony is only a part of your day and as such needs to be fit into what comes before and what comes afterwards. Different couples prefer to spend more time taking pictures on the wedding day to get preserved forever the beauty of the local area on that day because weather is so favorable. Maybe plans are for a carriage ride before the reception, a champagne toast with everyone, a special tradition enjoyed by all whenever they get together as a family, etc., etc. This ceremony lasts a comfortable amount of time and permits you more time for other activities going on - especially, when time is tight (maybe you need to board a train, boat, bus or limo to go some where immediately after the service). Appropriate for Golf Courses, Theme Farms and Banquet Venues, alike  Whether you are going to head out onto the golf course for spectacular pictures, set up for pictures at the fabulous spots at the banquet hall or squeeze in any number of other unique things to do that make this location ideal for your dream wedding, let us provide a wedding ceremony that all will be happy to have attended without it being stretched out unnecessarily with parts that you simply have not use for. Let’s together concentrate on the essential sections and work together making them as personalized as you prefer. Let’s also look to this as a solution for those seeking (for example) a Rockton area cheap wedding minister if it is your intentions to have a nice but very affordable wedding ceremony so you can stretch your budget to accommodate other ideas that you have been thinking about to do on your wedding day. Sensational Features of the ‘True Love’ Wedding Ceremony package *   Minister arrives 30 minutes prior to the wedding start time for consulting with the couple individually on last minute changes, audience surprises, etc. ** The Bridal Party is coordinated and coached for a dignified walking in to the ceremonial area (think of it as an great and super efficient way to have a practice rehearsal just before things get started so no one forgets what to do or where to stand - takes the pressure off) *** Minister discusses particulars of ceremony with photographer, dj and others involved ****  Upon starting the service, minister accompanies groom to position for service beginning with a hearty welcoming to all, we continue through with a discussion of the couple’s love, a Presentation of Bride, Wedding Prayer, Embracing of Friendship section, Marriage Address, Vows Spoken/ Repeated, Single or Double Ring Exchange, Well Wishing / Blessing and concluding areas of the Pronouncement and Introduction of Couple to audience. ***** The Marriage License is completed by minister to be sent back to the county government for recording ******We gather for some pictures together and the keepsake certificate given by Caring Hearts Ministry as a memento for the wedding day. Ideal for couples having 30 - 75 (or fewer) guests in attendance Duration of Ceremony: 16 - 18 minutes in length Caring Hearts Ministry: ‘True Love’ Wedding Ceremony package Fee: $295 The Wrap Up The ‘True Love’ wedding ceremony has grown over the years to be a very affordable alternative to higher priced wedding ceremonies. It offers a traditional slant so nothing vital to a wedding gets left out. It is just the right length allowing you more before and after time for people scheduling many other activities and yet the service is meaningful because you help to personalize the parts instead of listening to only what a minister has to say when officiating the wedding. Yes, one may regard it as a great wedding ceremony alternative for whose wanting a Rockton area cheap wedding minister because some are used to only finding expense alternatives but this is one area where we are confident about that you’ll definitely like - having more money left to include other things in your day. After all, why should the ceremony cost so much when you don’t want all the other stuff sometimes found in a wedding. AND... Yes, we are becoming more popular every year for being hired to be the officiant for a farm wedding ceremony Dekalb area as families share positive experiences having us there to marry their children as well as for older adults. To learn more about why Rev. Bob Russell is the perfect choice affordable non denominational wedding minister  Call Anytime (815) 793-3325 and discover for yourself how wonderful your wedding or other event can become... with Caring Hearts Ministry turning your dream and vision into reality !!!
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