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The Quinceanera Ceremony as presented by Caring Hearts Ministry The Quinceanera has a History of Tradition The Quinceañera ceremony and celebration that comes later is one of the most important moments for a girl and her family. It is a very proud moment for her parents to see her transitioning from a young girl into a young woman, and is meant as a time of celebration, honor, and pride. This Rite of Passage, as it is sometimes called, comes from the ancient Aztecs. It was originally begun to introduce a young lady in society as ready for courtship. However, it has since changed to symbolize a time when a young lady dedicates and commits her life to the Lord publicly. Overview of The Caring Hearts Ministry Quinceanera When a family is planning their daughter’s Quinceanera they have come to the right place if finding an affordable Quinceanera minister is a key objective. Caring Hearts Ministry provides a Quinceanera minister McHenry County and also serves many other counties as well including DeKalb, Kane, Lake plus others and we have even performed ceremonies in Wisconsin (ask if we can go to your location and you’ll probably be told, “Certainly, We’d love to go there for your daughter’s grand day”). Caring Hearts Ministry has adopted many of the finest features seen in church ceremonies into their non denominational Quinceanera ceremony. This ceremony has been praised by many who have been referred to us by others who we performed marriage ceremonies for and they trusted in us to make the perfect day for their daughter’s ceremony. One aspect most notable is our price. We offer three versions of the Quinceanera, each being a little different according to what family planners prefer and at a fee that matches the allowable budget. We know that these ceremonies can become very big, very soon and often we have 200 - 300 family and friends who come to them for the ceremony and festivities that follow. We guarantee that you and everyone there will love our Quinceanera ceremony. Three Quinceanera Ceremonies That Fit Different Needs Our most impressive ceremony is called ‘The Queen for a Day’. This is the most complete ceremony available and even includes our exclusive ‘Throne Chair’ for her to sit in and have Honor Court and family pictures afterwards. Our regular ceremony is the ‘Princess Bonita’ and has many of the same features as the best ceremony but it is a condensed service not having all of the parts and some are a bit shorter to save on tight time constraints needed for food service and catering needs. It is however considered to be the regular ceremony many request when looking for an affordable quinceanera minister. Our most economical ceremony (which is still a great Quinceanera to witness is called ‘The Quince’ and is best chosen for home style or backyard celebrations and for those on the strictest of budget and still looking to have a wonderfully meaningful service for their daughter. Let’s take a brief look at all three ceremony versions to see what seems best for your family. Soon you’ll see that Rev. Bob Russell of Caring Hearts is the minister for quinceanera ceremony chicago choice among families everywhere for people seeking a non denominational quinceanera ceremony QUINCEANERA CEREMONY VERSIONS ‘The Queen for a Day’ Quinceanera Ceremony {Our Top Choice Ceremony}   [Fee: Please Call] Minister performs ceremony in White Clergy Robe with stole, using 2 tables he brings along (both draped in white fabric cloths and accented with the theme colors of the Quince’s dress). One table is used for kneeling and prayer to Virgin Mary and giving of the bouquet of flowers and the other is the main altar table used by the minister for the Remembrance of the Loved Ones who passed away and other aspects of the service including placement of Bible, gifts and Holy Water used in blessings. Each table also has specific decorations according to the theme of the Quinceanera that will make the entire experience seem as good as having the ceremony in a church. The ceremony is about 35 - 40 minutes long and consists of the following fine feature sections {partial list only described here}: Opening Prayer, Greeting to All, Explanation of the Quinceanera Tradition, Remembrance Message, Prayers for the Faithful, Giving of Flowers to Virgin Mary, The Three Key Readings by the Quince, Poem read by minister, Reading by Honor Court member, Giving of and Holy Blessing of Gifts from Sponsors, The Doll, The Shoes, The Giving of Roses to Quince from girls of Honor Court and many other memorable parts of the traditional service as outline according to long time tradition and practiced in many Catholic Churches. As a special feature, we bring our exclusive gold and white ‘throne chair’ for our special young lady to sit in during times of the ceremony when she is not on her kneeling pillow (we provide a special pillow to be used by her or her mother) for prayer and other ceremonial requirements. This makes for wonderful pictures both during the ceremony and afterwards with her family and Honor Court. She also get our best version keepsake certificate with area for signatures of all sponsors, parents, attendants and others plus space for 2 of her favorite photos. A rehearsal is available for this ceremony at an extra cost if desired. There is also an additional Speaker’s Stand draped in the clergy banner for the Quince and others to use for readings.  This is without a doubt the greatest Non Denominational Quinceanera Ceremony event that anyone would ever want for that special daughter coming to age and beginning to embrace Jesus Christ in her life.              {Best Choice when audience is expected to be 175 - 300+ people} ‘The Princess Bonita’ Quinceanera Ceremony {Our Standard Ceremony} [Fee: Please Call] Minister performs this ceremony in his black suit, tab shirt with clergy stole placement for a standard traditional look. One table is brought and set up as an altar table. This is arranged like mentioned above for the purpose of carrying out functions of the service. Holy Water is there for blessing of Quince and gifts. The ceremony lasts for about 25 minutes and has many of the feature sections shown above with the exception of having fewer readers, no reader’s stand and a slightly shorter version of most of the other steps (we’ll need to address the full outline with you). The Quince also gets our deluxe Quinceanera certificate which will make for a fantastic memory framed and put in her bedroom or other suitable location as a reminder of this special day with her family and friends. {Best Choice when audience is expected to be 75 - 150 people} ‘The Quince’ Quinceanera Ceremony {Our Budget Friendly & Intimate Family Ceremony} [Fee: $195] Minister performs ceremony in traditional black suit and tie to keep within the non denominational look and feel desired by the parent planners. There are no tables brought to the ceremony as planners typically have something they prefer as an area for where the minister will stand for the service and place his Holy Water, Bible and other service items. The service typically lasts for about 18 - 20 minutes. There are three distinct prayers especially for our special young lady whose transition to womanhood we are celebrating. She will recite 2 readings, receive sponsor or family gifts that are given the minister’s blessings, there are The Prayers of The Faithful, a Statement of Love about and for all those ancestors who came before us, a candle lighting for Virgin Mary and other features that will make her day a cherished time in her life. For every parent who wants a Quinceanera for his / her daughter but is thinking about postponing it until later, consider this instead because it is within reach for most and will bring her much joy because of everything we include as regular feature sections. {Best Choice when audience is expected to be 30 - 50 people} No matter what your preference, no matter where it is to be held (banquet hall, at home, a restaurant party room, a hotel function room, a VFW or other place in Chicago, the suburbs or anywhere in Wisconsin) you’ll discover why so many moms and dads look to us to have the perfect ceremony for their daughters when they want a minister for quinceanera ceremony chicago or other places. Call Today to learn more and to schedule your daughter’s Quinceanera (815) 793-3325
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