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Reserving us is Easy !!! We know that no one likes to wait until the last possible minute to put plans into action for events that need coordinating and for the services you require to complete the experience anticipated. That places way too much stress on your shoulders and makes for dreading the ordeal instead of enjoying it. Similarly may be said for sudden needs such as funerals that call for mobilizing loved ones, often with little to no notice, and doing all those duties expected of you as the ‘super-human’ person you have become overnight in this role. I know, some days it feels like you should have a cape and all the things that go with being a Super Hero to get through the demands given to you. We want you to feel that when you turn to Caring Hearts Ministry for help, that’s what you get... the help you need and then some, if we can make that possible for you. To accommodate getting things set up quickly , efficiently and without a hassle, Caring Hearts reserves dates for services as early as 15 full months in advance of a client’s chosen date. This is done to provide all looking toward having us as a part of their day the added peace of mind in knowing that we are committed that far (potentially) in advance to be there for them. Reserving us ahead of time also means that your price for any service is then automatically locked in and will not change so you don’t have to worry about later being hit with higher fees or being charged more because the prior year has passed and the new year is upon us... or for any other reason some vendors and others choose to explain away price hikes. Here is a brief summary of the Caring Hearts Ministry Reservation Requirements: (1) Return your Service Agreement signed or initialed in all appropriate indicated areas. (2) Confirm your Reservation Date and Time at the time of booking the service with us. (3) Provide your required Retainer amount in full or according to your plan. What is a Retainer ~ A Retainer is a non refundable fee which is applied toward the balance due for what service you have selected. Should you decide to cancel for any or no reason, the Retainer is non refundable and helps to compensate Caring Hearts Ministry for our putting aside the date and time for you and therefore forfeiting our ability to serve another person for a like service and like fee arrangement and so our lost revenue is taken into consideration in retaining the fee together with time and materials already having been committed on our part to begin getting you and ourselves ready for the service. This includes our sending out of materials, meeting with planners and other work that we invested in doing since the time of the original booking. If circumstances dictate that your event needs to be changed to a future date (ex. Due to a medical emergency, active duty in the military, financial hardship or decision to postpone to save more toward the dream event initially planned, etc.), Caring Hearts Ministry will hold the Retainer for up to 1 ½ years after the originally intended event date for application toward that future date without any penalty assessed for delaying the service. One may elect to us the Retainer towards one or more different services, the same service at the then price being charged to all client reserving at the time you later decide. To make it clearer, let’s use the following example: Let’s say you were deciding to reserve us to perform a certain wedding ceremony package and that package cost $325. Let us further say that the Retainer Fee was $100. This means that now you are left with only $225 due by the due date determined for your service and according to the Service Agreement. It’s that simple! Cost of the Retainer~ The cost of the Retainer depends to a large extent on the service being selected. Below is a Quick Guide listing many of the more popular services offered at Caring Hearts Ministry. If you don’t see the service you are interrested in having us perform, please ask us to provide you with details on how to schedule and retain our services for specifically for that which you are looking for from us.   Key to Some of Our Services and their Retainers required at the time of reserving service Service Package Name Retainer Amount Balance Due Date    Weddings On The Go $  75 Full Payment Expected (No Retainer Required) Parkside Romance $  50 Within 2 Weeks Beautiful Beginnings $  50 Within 2 Weeks True Love $  75 Within 3 Weeks Sweet & Elegant $100 1 Month Before Ceremony Lifetime of Memories $100 1 Month Before Ceremony    Quinceaneras The Quince $  50 Within 3 Weeks Princess Bonita $  75 Within 1 Month Queen for a Day $100 1 Month Before Ceremony    Baptism version 1 $  75 Within 3 Weeks version 2 $100 Within 1 Month Alternative Methods of Payment Accepted ~ ll major credit cards are accepted (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmerX). We also accept Cash, Personal or Business Check, Money Order or Cashier Check. All payments must be drawn on US Funds. To learn more about why Rev Bob Russell is the perfect choice affordable non denominational wedding minister and to discover for yourself how wonderful your wedding or other event can become... with Caring Hearts Ministry turning your dream and vision into reality !!!   Call Anytime (815) 793-3325
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Caring Hearts Ministry
Conveniently located in Crystal Lake ~  and proudly serving ~ McHenry County, Kane County, Winnebago County, Lake County, Cook County, DuPage County, Kendall County, Boone County, Ogle County + Lake Geneva and surrounding Wisconsin areas
Whether you wnat to get married quickly at the minister’s home or at a local park… OR.. if you are doing it up bigger at a favorite venue or destination spot, Rev. Bob will create and deliver before you and your friends & family a beautifully intimate ceremony that everyone will thoroughly enjoy and talk fondly about for many, many years to come.
Rev. Bob has married over 700 couples since 2007  
We are a non-denominational ministry service which accepts all regardless of race, national origin or sexual preferrence. Visit us and see for yourself how we can become a refreshing difference in your life.
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