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Ceremony  Weddings... Weddings... Weddings Caring Hearts Ministry is very well known all around the Chicagoland area and southern Wisconsin vicinity for the fantastic way we accommodate couples and their families in presenting the type of wedding service and celebration needed and preferred most according to everyone’s distinct and personal needs. Not every type of wedding ceremony suits the tastes of every couple and so we offer the following wedding services to better match what couples want and how the ceremony is to fit into the rest of their day. For some, this means an intimate wedding in the minister’s living room and it being just the three of them and perhaps a few others to witness (ex. Their children or best friends) while others could be grand events taking upward to maybe an hour due to cultural or religious components being included. In short, each ceremony is an attempt by Caring Hearts Ministry to give couples the kind of ceremony they will most enjoy and blended with plenty of words of tenderness, heartfelt compassion, ceremonial meaningfulness, a bit of humor to take the stress away and ... above all, a beautiful memory that two people in love can carry into tomorrow as they look back in celebrating the years of being together. Since Caring Hearts Ministry is located in Crystal Lake, it is customary that we receive calls within the immediate area looking for (ex.) a minister to marry me mchenry county il; but, we serve people much further away, too.  Whether you are seeking an officiant for a last minute wedding and therefore require someone who can quickly but nicely put together a service [ex. A minister for a sweet and simple wedding] or someone wanting to get married fast in McHenry County, we can respond fast to accommodate the requirement to ‘be ready at a moment’s notice’ in many cases. Couples who are just learning about us will be happy to note that although we are classified as a non denominational ministry in McHenry County, Il, we can and often do perform civil ceremonies that have no religious features to them for those not wishing spiritualness to play a role in their day. For these who may be reaching out for a  non religious wedding officiant chicago, they will be pleasantly surprised at how we can tailor ceremonies so they are completely enjoyable. Here is a brief overview summary of the wedding and related ceremonies offered by Caring Hearts Ministry and the links that can bring you to learn more about these marital and wedding variations available to you. ‘On the Go’ Wedding Ceremony package Duration: 7 - 10 minutes; For Audiences of 2 - 5 guests (it’s the perfect elopement package) Offered only at the Minister’s Office in Crystal Lake, Il. {See More} ‘Loving Unions’ Wedding Ceremony package Duration: 7 minutes; For Audiences of 2 - 5 guests (it’s a great at home budget saver choice) Offered only in McHenry County and Southern Kane County. {See More} ‘Parkside Romance’ Wedding Ceremony package Duration: 10 minutes; For Audiences of 2 - 10 guests (it’s ideal for gathering at the local park) Offered in Illinois only at Lake, Kane, McHenry, DeKalb, Boone, Ogle, Winnebago and northwestern parts of Cook counties. {See More} ‘Beautiful Beginnings’ Wedding Ceremony package Duration: 12 - 14 minutes; For Audiences of 15- 35 guests (Want to BBQ and get married?) Offered Anywhere and the fantastic pick for back yard, restaurant or tavern small weddings. {See More} ‘True Love’ Wedding Ceremony package Duration: 16 - 18 minutes; For Audiences of 30 - 75 guests (Top Choice for 2nd  marriages) When a respectable but shorter wedding is desired as a part of everything else going on that day. This service includes many of the areas best recognized in weddings yet affords you time for other aspects of the day by not being overly wordy or consisting of parts like a candle lighting, readings and such that you don’t feel are necessary. It has a wonderfully smooth enjoyable flow. {See More} ‘Sweet & Elegant’ Wedding Ceremony package Duration: 20 - 22 minutes; For Audiences of 80 - 135 guests (Want a short and sweet wedding?) Chosen above all others, this wedding is shorter than most so you aren’t standing there too long, is humorous and Funnnnnnnnnny in all the right spots and will be the kind of ceremony your guests will be complimenting you about for a very long time. What’s more, you will love how easy it is to personalized it around the both of you for making it unique and a testimony to your special love. {See More} ‘Lifetime of Memories’ Wedding Ceremony package Duration: 30 - 40 minutes; For Audiences of 150 - 300+ guests (A traditional wedding ceremony) For centuries, couples around the world have embraced the magnificence of the wedding day experience beginning with a ceremony which encapsulates their love for each other and their commitment to be together forever! If they choose to have elements that tie to their religious or spiritual beliefs, we help make sure that those are a part of the service and performed the way they are accustomed to witnessing. Should they also want to enrich the service with aspects coming from their culture, their upbringing or from ideas they have learned thus far in life, again, we are happy to incorporate these parts for making the wedding experience suitable, enjoyable and up to the expectations of their families and in accord to their personal way of life. Most importantly, many want to involve others who are guests to be active participants in the wedding besides them being there as witnesses as the ceremony and the day itself is as much for each of them as it is for the couple themselves......  because each person in attendance is so very special and loved so very much, too. This ceremony allows ample opportunity to personalize the stages of the wedding service itself and to involve interaction with those attending so all who come to witness feel love from the couple and a true sense of unity. {See More} ‘The Lord & Lady’ Wedding Ceremony package Duration: UNLIMITED minutes; For Audiences of Any Size guests (100% Custom Ceremony) When you want to design and create your own ceremony from beginning to end for an officiant to follow, this gives you total control over the entire process PLUS knowing it will be professionally delivered to your intended audience. {See More} ‘My Heart & My Soul’ Commitment Ceremony package Duration: 18 -22 minutes; For Audiences of 5 - 30 guests (Make the Engagement Party Sizzle) For couples setting a long term wedding date due to job, school, military obligations or for other reasons, this commitment lets your partner know how very deep your love is and that this is a step closer you are geting to the eventual day in the future when you both are ready. {See More} ‘Forever in Love’ Renewal of Vows Ceremony package  Duration: 20 - 24 minutes; For Audiences of 10 - 70 guests (anniversaries & expressions of love) When you want to re-experience the joy of getting married to your partner, this does it all to rekindle your love, your devotion and your willingness to marry all over again - nothing says you love him / her more than agreeing to marry again and professing this to those around you. {See More}   PLEASE NOTE: Wedding Ceremony packages are an attempt to bring together a series of features and ceremonial steps determined to blend together for fitting different needs and in accord to our non denominational approach as a ministry. This includes having more or fewer features depending on which service one is referring to and it also includes our experience in the understanding of couples’ desires for certain time limits imposed in order to accomplish other activities planned for that day (ex. Photography time allotted). While many couples like the various services arranged as stated, we wish you to know that we can always add to or subtract from the ceremony to include features not normally offered, that are a part of your heritage or that is desired due to your personal religious beliefs. In short, nothing is cast in stone or required other than a few short areas necessary for the marriage to officially take place and be considered a legal wedding. We can eliminate sections as well for those saying that certain parts are not necessary or desired as well as we can replace sections for yet others. Please discuss this should a package come close to your needs but does not quite match exactly to what you had in mind initially. From each and every conversation you have with other wedding service providers, that learned at wedding expos attended and gathered from the opinions of still others you seek, there are many ideas that can be incorporated into a wedding that perhaps we have not touched upon here. Chances are that we have already performed what you may prefer and would like included in your service but that it simply is not outlined in this site due to space limitations and the sincere inability to touch upon every possible feature or theme that has been and can be done to personalize your wedding day. 
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Whether you wnat to get married quickly at the minister’s home or at a local park… OR.. if you are doing it up bigger at a favorite venue or destination spot, Rev. Bob will create and deliver before you and your friends & family a beautifully intimate ceremony that everyone will thoroughly enjoy and talk fondly about for many, many years to come.
Rev. Bob has married over 700 couples since 2007  
We are a non-denominational ministry service which accepts all regardless of race, national origin or sexual preferrence. Visit us and see for yourself how we can become a refreshing difference in your life.
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